GC or WII or PSX custom stick for sale


House cleaning time!

I have this mother up for sale. The top is white acylic spray paint on the backside of the top plastic and looks incredible lustrous. The photos don’t serve justice.

Anyways, the things weighs a lot and is large so it’s good for playing on top of a table. I’ve tested it out on my lap before and it works fine too. I put a lot of time into this one.

All sanwa parts, brand new.

140 shipped

I can upgrade this gal to either wii classics controller (add 20) or PSX (add 10) or other consoles on request.

More sticks to come!


piiiinnnnnk D:


Out of curiousity, can you add art to those sticks?

Not this one. Not unless I cut a new sheet of plexi which I guess I could do…

Indeed it does look lustrous. That is really classy.

I’m just curious as to how you would set this up for the Wii Virtual Console?

Wire it like the Classic Controller that Nintendo makes first-party. It plugs into the Wii Remote, then the Wii Remote communicates with the Wii. You don’t plug the stick directly into the Wii.

Same hookup as the Nunchuk extension controller.

Yeah, eznorb has it right. I already have a wii classics controller hacked.

Haha being on the Nintendo Certification Team for the largest video-game publisher in the world teaches you a couple things. :nunchuck:

Hahaha did you really rip apart a classic controller? I guess better that than a Nunchuk, considering how hard those are to find right now. People would be out for your blood if you ripped one of those apart.

lol, it was for a good cause eznorb

Bump, price dropped.

That’s a nice stick.

bump, still for sale.

Bump, still for sale D:. I’m up for trades too btw.

Hey, didn’t you auction this on eBay a while back???
Or was that someone else?

lol, yes I did rock, but the guy never paid and I let it go so I still have it and I need to clear out space for my new sticks.

What are the dimensions? I’m selling my sfac stick to a friend simply because its too big and I want a Jap stick~

And are those snap-ins or screw-ins? Did you use quick-disconnects or are the buttons saudered? Square gate or octagon? (I’d prefer square).

I’m somewhat interested but if I bought it I’d need a psx pcb inside @.@;

those are actually a mix of snap ins and screwins. I can make them all screwins if you want though. Doesn’t really make a diff. I can do either, but there’s a square on there right now which is what you want. It uses quick disconnects. I can stuff in a psx PCB for you as well but you’ll have to wait a bit for me to hack it. Dimensions are approximately 35x25 cm.

Sounds good, pm’d.