Gauging Interest

I plan to make more sticks, but after a PCB mishap I am not interested in dealing with PS1 Dual Shocks anymore. -_-;
How important is a Dual Shock PCB to you guys? What if I used InterAct or my own made PCB?
I am interested in releasing more sticks, but what if I left out the PCB and simply sold the case and buttons for a cheaper price?

I saw your transparent stick, and aesthatics-wise I’m certainly interested.

Howeever, this will be my fiirst stick, so if you could tell me the significance of a PS1 PCB versus a InterAct, I’ll let you know.

What’s most important to me that it wont fry my DC or PS2, and is durable. I dont want to have to buy a new one in a year.

Also, I dont want to have to do any work on the stick itself, like adding parts, opening it up and fucking with the wiring. Not cause I’m lazy, but because electronics tend to explode/ catch fire when I do these kinds of things.

i’ve heard that third party manufactured controller pcb’s are less reliable with converters.

i’m interested in just the case.

Cases alone aren’t a bad idea. Something I’m working on now in fact.

that’s true

pics to some of your sticks please :slight_smile:

So far it seems people are okay with just cases or possibly third party controllers. I will quickly make some space on my webpage for sticks. As soon as possible I’ll post them on
Thank you for the input everyone.

EDIT: I posted the sticks that were visible on SRK. Not all my sticks are posted; I have other plastic and even wood sticks that I’m not proud of and that weren’t for sale anyway.

If you don’t mind me asking, what happened between you and the PSOne PCB? I have one that I’m about to try to put in my red octane stick. I don’t wanna solder this and find out that it’s gonna blow up or something.

those sticks are gorgeous… i love the transparency.

I solder to the ribbon cable directly, cutting the size of the PCB down. This is requires you to be very precise, so it is easy for there to be problems, as I had (for example, two wires are just barely touching or something). It is probably easiest, in my opinion, to use really thin wire like 26 gauge or smaller and solder directly to the main PCB.
Probably easiest for most people just to scrape off the black stuff on the 2nd PCB and solder directly to the button contacts, but if you scrape too much the tracks will easily come off. I don’t like doing it this way just because.
If you do it the 2nd way (soldering to the contacts), you probably won’t have a problem. If you want more information, I would ask someone besides me because I like to make boxes, not play with PCBs.