Gauging Interest: Red Octane arcade stick box

I’ve got an original Red Octane arcade stick box that I haven’t used in quite some time. It has a PSX PCB in it along with some concave buttons and a competition joystick from Happ. I wired up only the buttons needed to work with the Innovation DC converter, so if you wanted to use this for PS2, you’d have to drill a couple more holes for buttons. This also has a custom cut acryllic sheet from armad1ll0 back when he was still around.

I haven’t used this stick in quite a while since I got my T5 stick and I know that there are a few people who would want to buy one of these in pretty decent condition. It was too much work for me to make any more sticks after this one, so I just kinda lost interest in making them. From what I can tell, the demand for this RO box for stick newbs like myself is still pretty up there.

Just gauging interest for now. If I get enough responses, I’ll definitely put up a new thread for its sale.

Post pics and a price…

You’re not sitting on a gold mine.

im interested :smiley:

hows 60 shipped for it?

Thanks for the responses so far, gangsters. Unless there’s a better offer by the end of the weekend, $60 shipped might be a good starting price. Pictures will be up as soon as I can get my weekend organized. Got a lot of crap going on.

I’m well aware I’m not sitting on a 1900 old baseball dude’s rookie card. I was just saying that I remember people asking about the RO box a while back and I still have one in pretty decent condition.