Gathering the Evidence

Hey there. I’ve only picked up MvC when Ultimate came out and haven’t spent all too much time with it. Anyway, I love Nick, but I have issues collecting evidence. Currently I’m using him with Trish and Nemesis (stole the idea from the Teambuilding thread as I hate Dante, Vergil and Wesker and it’s hard enough to find any team for him).

Basically, I’d be thankful for a couple of tips for safe evidence collection. Currently all I do is call out Maya, hit S+Atk and pray, which is fine against a computer, but not anymore once I head out online ^^

This may or may not help you but, try to figure out when’s the best time to advance guard the opponent sometimes it’s difficult because you’ll advance guard the assist instead of the character, for example if a Ghostrider player is doing j.S on you often block it and wait for a bit before advance guarding it should push him back. After you do it pull out Maya shield (if deemed safe) and use Trish’s assist in my opinion hopscotch might be the better choice because if you you go inside Maya’s shield you would have the hopscotch covering you, or if you rather use your Nemesis assist (preferably rocket clothesline) same idea try to figure out when’s the best time to use it.

Another thing is since you’re using Trish if you have two bars (three is better) and you need to stall the opponent do a team hyper combo the opponent should be running away from Trish’s hyper while you have Nemesis trying to track the opponent and shooting rockets, it should give you ample time for at least two or three evidence (if lucky). Lastly this comes with experience while playing the game but try to know what each character is capable of (try to watch tournament videos for a glimpse) it too will help you to know when it’s a good time to do something.

General strategy for team-building revolves around finding good “get off me” or space-controlling assists to use while throwing out Maya-Shield.
At the same time, don’t be like 90% of the PWs I play online and ONLY try to run behind the shield and gather evidence.

Learn when’s a good time to gather evidence, when’s a good time to switch into Courtroom to try to 1) zone with good evidence you’ve gotten or 2) stand a better chance in general, and when you should just flat-out switch Nick out.

Methods to gather evidence depend highly on the opponent’s character, but generally, throwing out Maya and mashing search is going to get you murdered unless all the opponent is doing is trying to zone you out with fireballs or rush you down with not-so-fast character.

Remember that the Maya and Judge hyper is there for more than just dealing damage and OTG. Use them.

All Phoenix Wright teams need Akuma. Tatsu is too good to not have.

GTFO and space controlling assists (Beams) are great for Wright. Use 'em when the opponent is close or slightly close to you. Do not throw bad evidence when you get it. Get 3 sets of evidence because you are bound to get meat or good evidence if you got 2 bad evidence. If you keep getting meat at the last slot then just keep investigating and finding evidence. Once you got your good evidence, throw out one of the bad evidence and find good evidence and do the same to the other.

Yeah. I probably use Steel Smelting more than I need to, but it does work well. Have good DHCs help as well. Things that carry away or stay on the screen work well.