Gateway MA07 Supernova Tournament

Host: Oni K (Kris Tolliver)

Machine Type: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova (Patched)

Date: March 17

Time: 11 AM

Location: Gateway Fun Center

Sponsors: Red Octane

Sponsors In the Process of Obtaining:
Trading Games
Cobalt Flux
GNC Nutrition Center
Pizza Hut
Burger King

Additional Events: Tournaments for - Super Smash Bros., IIDX, Guitar Heroes II, Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike, Mario Party 6 (with Microphone), Lock In

Address: 8 Gateway Drive Collinsville Illinois 62234


  • $12 Perfect Attack Tech
  • $8 King of the Hill
  • $8 Oni Challenge
  • $6 Girls Perfect Attack Tech
  • $6 Battle Mode

Perfect Attack Tech Rules

  • All Songs Are Allowed
  • No Little
  • No Stealth
  • No 8x Speed Mod
  • No BPM over 500
  • Higher Seed Picks the First Song, the Lower Seed picks the Modifications and Difficulties/ Then Vise Versa
  • Beginner Cannot Be Chosen as a Difficulty
  • If both Players Fail, the Chooser of the Modifications Result in a LOSE
  • No picking of the same song per person

This tournament and all of its rules are solid. All mods excluding the ones listed above will be allowed. You can turn off the jumps and you can turn off the freeze arrows as well. Ofcourse the qualifier hasnt been chosen yet and will not be chosen until come time of the tournament date to prevent practice. Each player will get 1 song per match. As the rules state for those who are confused, the Higher Seed will choose the song first and the Lower Seed will choose modes for each player. Ties will result in a random song on 1x Mod ONLY. The mods that can be chosen during this tournament are:

Difficulties Basic / Difficult / Heavy
Speed Mods 1x / 1.5x / 2x / 3x / 5x
Boost On / Off
Appearance Hidden / Sudden
Turn Left / Right / Shuffle / Mirror
Dark On / Off
Scroll Normal / Reverse
Arrow Vivid / Note / Rainbow / Flat
Freeze On / Off
Jumps On / Off
(No penalties for Character Choice)

Grading System for Perfect Attack Tech

Perfect = 2 points
Greats = 1 points
Goods = 0 points
Almost = -1 points
Boo = -2 points
O.K. = 1 points
N.G. = 0 points

(Please do not push the Green Button until Scores are written down)

King of the Hill (Endurance)

  • Random Seeding
  • 8 Footer Or Higher
  • Songs of 10 Footer Capability can be picked on Difficult Level if it is an 8 Footer
  • Winner Stays on the Pad
  • Cannot Choose Same Song More Than Once
  • New Seeds Pick Song
  • 1x Mod ONLY

Endurance is exactly as it sounds, be the last man on the pad and claim victory. The Seeding will be random and there is no qualifier for this to take place. When the Loser dismounts the pad, the new Seed will choose the song for both to play that has the capability of being an 8 footer or higher. If the song is a 10 Footer on heavy and this is something that isnt to your liking, you may choose Standard (Difficult) as long as it is an 8 Footer or Higher. The Winner must stay one the exact pad they won on before they stood up to the plate.

Oni Challenge

  • Complete Courses or have a Best Time to Proceed or Win (Time)

You will play a total of 3 courses (those who complete the first 2 as well. The Oni Courses have been chosen as far as what will be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd course to play from. If everyone or a large majority of the players complete the course then there will be a final cut going by Score (not Marvelous). The Score is out of 10 Million for each course. The chosen courses are in 3s, meaning that the 1st course to be played will be 1 of 3 courses on the list of its level, as well as the last 2. This also prevents practice.

Girls PA Tech

  • You must be a Female to Enter
  • Same Rules Apply Here from Perfect Attack Tech

This will decide who is the best female in the Midwest. Ive seen lots of potential in the area from these females all around and its time to show what they are made of. The matchs will also be 2 songs 1 per person. If both players FAIL, the chooser of the mods will result in a LOSE. This will be a Single Elimination Tournament. Represent your areas, and take home the gold.


Also if you plan to enter both PA Tech and Girls PA Tech, the fee will be a Total $15.


Battle Mode

  • 2 Songs, 1 per person
  • 1 Person Chooses Song, other ONLY chooses Difficulty

This fun mode contains matches against each other. For those of you who arent familiar with Stepmanias Disney Magic, each player has a Battle Gauge. To increase your Battle Gauge you must maintain a good combo. As your Battle Gauge increases, your rival will be given a random mod to play on which will benifit you, but you are against the same terms as well. Most of the mods in this mode arent even in Normal Arcade game play. The machine will determine the winners by the meter above the Battle Gauges. The more you do good with your combo and Perfects, the more the Meter Gauge will go to your opponents side. Whos ever side the Meter falls onto will be the loser. Good Luck!

Additional Information

At the end of the tournament there will be a lock-in to follow it up. At this lock-in, there will be:

  • Pizza and Unlimited Soda
  • Freeplay on All Games not Ticket Wise
  • Unlimited Go Kart
  • Unlimited Bummer Cars
  • Unlimited Mini-Golf
  • Unlimited Batting Cages
  • Unlimited Bumper Boats
  • Modded PS2 Set-ups for games such as IIDX, Guitar Heroes II, etc.
  • Gamecube Set-ups for games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, and Naruto

Lock In Fee - $25 per person

Prizes and Cash

PA Tech
1st 50% Pot
2nd 20% Pot
3rd 10% Pot

King Of the Hill
1st TBA or Cash

Oni Mode
1st TBA or Cash
2nd Cash

Girls PA Tech
1st TBA

Battle Mode
1st TBA
2nd Cash
3rd Cash

Home Console Tournaments (During Lock in)

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
Mario Party 6
Super Smash Bros Melee

Entre Per Game - $5

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Rules

  • Matches will be best 3 out of 5
  • Random Seeding
  • There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
  • Double Elimination

Guitar Heroes II - Heavy and Difficult

  • Qualifier will be Sweet Child of Mine for both tournaments
  • Higher Percentage wins the song
  • Each player chooses a song, Higher Seed first then Vise Versa
  • If the person chooses the song FAIL’s, they lose
  • Winner of best 2/3 Claims victory
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

Mario Party 6 Rules

  • 4 Player Action Per Match
  • 10 Turns Per Game
  • Final 2 Players (If Tied) will Result in 1 vs. 1 Mini-Games best 2/3
  • During events were choosing a player to effect, you must choose Random. (Boo Stealing, Battle Mode)
  • 1st, 2nd Place

Beatmania IIDX : Happy Sky CS Tourny

If 8 or less people enter, there will be no qualifing round. If more the 8 players enter, Plasma [H] will be used as a qualifing song. Ex Score will always be used as the deciding factor for victory or defeat.

After any qualifing round, each player picks one song (and difficulty) upon entering. Each player will play all the songs picked by other players once. Scoring will be done on a placement per song baises.

8 points for a 1st place
6 points for a 2nd place
4 points for a 3rd place
1 points for a 4th place

Placing will be done on an overall point system.

Super Smash Bros Melee

This will be a standard tourney format run by Bill. Singles only (no team events). Standard stages will be banned and the like. A full list of rules for SSBM tourny will be with Bill at the tourney.


  • Watch your Items from being Stolen
  • Bring Enough Money for the Day, Events, and Food ($40 - $70)
  • Hidden and Sudden are Harder
  • You dont gain back as many lives in Oni Mode, Making it Harder

If you have questions, contact me.