whats your favorite type of joystick gate and why?

I really don’t think this is needed, there’s plenty of other threads on gates. Square is fine, learn it and don’t ride it.

why is it bad to ride it?

I haven’t gotten a joystick yet, but I’ve ordered the octo gate.
The idea behind ‘not riding’ is that if you have a squar gate, you have the ful, maximum area that the joystick allows, and that small, controlled motions in the center of the stick are better/faster.
Be that as it may, For beginners and those who are only playing for fun, it is easier for us to tell exactly where diagonal is with an octo gate and by riding the edge. Perhaps later, after playing with a stick for a while, we will be able to go back to a square gate. But for now octo is good for beginners, even if it teaches “bad” habits like riding.