Garou: Mark of the Wolves

It’s achievements have been listed, so I guess this pretty much confirms it’s XBLA (prolly PSN too) release!!! :lovin:


Awesome time to be a fighting fan :wgrin:

busta waloof!


This is pretty old, but yeah its definitely coming to XBLA.

/face palm…I fail @ internet

Garou: Mark of the Wolves tomorrow on live fellas:lovin:



Can’t wait!

I’ve always wondered if I’m any good at this game (have it on Dreamcast). Now I can use Xbox live to find out.

Saikyo fails again. Use the search 07!!!

so I get a ps3 and everyones moving to xbox 360, even developers are moving to 360. and NOW GAROU!!!111???

I’ve always said ill get a 360 again for many reasons but I planned to get it when they fix their shit finally. I’ll have to wait for garou if it doesnt come to psn. I may aswell install GGPO lol

Oops, i made a thread for this…See you tomorrow :slight_smile: Im gonna practice with the Black Guy :slight_smile: