Ganryu Thread

I started playing this character only 3 days ago, so I still can’t explain the logic behind every useful move he has right now. I’ll update this thread as I gain more experience with him, and understand the Korean match vids better.

Players to watch on youtube: Saint.
Useful moves:












FC d/f+2

Come on now, where are your creative titles? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda hate having to read a whole sentence when looking for a character’s name and thread. :frowning:

Edit: Best tactic

D’aww :frowning: it adds personality, but I’ll concede since it’s your thread :slight_smile:

Lmao ive done this to my boy, its gotta be easy to get out of. Don’t u just low parry it?

Anyway maining Jaycee and I’ve settled on the big guy Ganryu for my second ill be active on this thread alot with vids of my progress and questions. Havent played Tekken since 3 so I’m just going off my Soul Cal knowledge and general spacing etc fundamentals. Hope to be a help and get some help as well.

Get active in here Gan players if we want to get sub sections!

Also didn’t see FF+2 up there. I find it a good poke and on counter hit you get a grab and even a 1+2,Tag throw into your partner. I thinks it’s an amazing move.

Watching mad Saint vids right now thank god u put me on to him. I wish my movement was even close to his. Sick Gan player!

:eek: I am fucking free to this character what the FUCK

I used to play him in T6 but I just can’t see the mixup now! This shit is ridiculous, LOL.

I should have been rolling cats with this dude; time to pick this kid up again.

I didn’t expected to see a Ganny thread here, of all places. Glad to know that the sumo is getting more love.

Ganny mainer here - if you guys have any doubts or whatever, feel free to ask. (same goes for tataki, for filling the OP and all)

Some cool vids:

Saint (Ganryu/Bob) x HAO (Jin/Feng)

ABC (Ganryu/Roger) x VonP (Jun/Asuka)

**Fran (Ganryu/Anna) x Gura (Devil Jin/Bryan) **


General good Ganny tips:

  • Poke a lot;
  • Learn to crouch cancel b+2.1 - you MUST learn to do this to juggle properly with him;
  • His kicks have deceptively good range - use them. (d+4 is especially good on random moments - gives a chunck of damage and is quick, but doesn’t crush anything); df+3 is the poke to go when going low;
  • df+4.1.2 is the TA! move of choice - plus his best TA! ender;
  • Abuse his FC mixups. Outside Anna, Ganny is the most scarier character while crouching.
  • Learn to ff+1+2 (ie, the juggle and follow-ups). Shit is safe on block and pretty abusable, even though it hits high. Lovely damage and eats red bar too.
  • Poke a lot.

Questions or anything, just ask. I like to be useful and all.

:eek: I think I found a new partner for Anna.

:eek: I guess I’ll be uploading a few matches of my super free Ganryu for you guys to criticize. The character is very fun.

I just hope I don’t fall into too many online habits. I already have extra bad spacing, ugh. =_=

uploaded any matches lately?

moves i feel are good, aka moves i just like using:
b.db.d.df1 since it ducks
WCd1. multi variations for hi/mid/lo
j1 hit crouching opponent, link into b12. near wall= big combo
any move u can cancel into sit stance such as d2/b1.1.1
12 opponents who like to lay on the ground gets caught & as a combo ender, it leaves opponent closer to u if u dont wish to do f34/df4.1.2 and push them far away
etc. hopefully this thread revives, unless u went to some other tekken site. like

:eek: They’re pretty bad.

watched 1 match so far and while u lost to baek hi/low shenanigan, i think ur good enough. i liked ur movementrapid sidestep while advancing. i need to work on that amongst other things. do u still main ganryu?

:eek: I never mained him or Heihachi, I was using them to learn different styles of play, but I do still play him yes. :smiley:

I haven’t recorded any of my matches from January. I should get on that. o_0

What characters can I use with Ganryu?