Gaming's Dystopian Future


Seems like a whole lot o nothing to me.

I think this guy watched that Lucy Liu robot episode of Futurama and said, “Hey, I got an idea for an article!”

I stopped reading when he said that storytelling in games is ‘rapidly improving’.


Baldur’s Gate. 12 years later, from the same company, we have Dragon Age 2.

Actually I didn’t stop reading.

I kept reading and kept laughing when the best universes for these immersive experiences that he could think of were those of the Gears of War and Mass Effect franchises. Oh, gold. Did this guy start “gaming” at Xbox360?

I like the part he basically says “Fuck it, that actually sounds pretty good.”

I’m kind of mad i spent the time to read that shlock.

Well it is true that gaming is becoming more mainstream, but that does not mean that the hardcore crowd will be forgotten. There will always the few who see gaming as a hobby or lifestyle, and not just quick mindless fun.

lemme know when I can fuck virtual reality people

also, kinect knows everything you are doing, you sick fucks

lol @ “reality.”

gonna have a hard time proving we aren’t in a video game right now- and when we finally kick the bucket, our true selves will walk out of the mall food court satisfied.