Gaming through Denon av amp is really slow!

hey, i just picked up a denon avr2310 surround receiver after my old sony playing up! and ive connected my xbox with hdmi thru the denon to my monitor, i dont think theres any processing going on but streetfighter 4 is unplayable far to slow for anything!, does anyone have this amp or a similar problem? i know i could just hook it directly back up to the monitor but then i have to mess around switching av sources, kinda defeats the object.

I have the Denon AVR-3808ci and it doesn’t add any lag to my gaming. It doesn’t have any post processing options for HD resolutions either. The AVR-2310 should not touch HD resolutions at all. Double check your video output settings and make sure that you are passing through the video as is.

You could also just connect the HDMI cable directly to the TV and use a toslink (optical) cable for audio to your receiver. The Xbox360 doesn’t output HD audio at all, so there is no benefit to using HDMI for audio, other than simplifying cables.

thanks toker, i have only had my receiver for a day so this may be user error, i was playing streetfighter 4 and it was totally unplayable, some more time with the amp should resolve the issue, and yes i have always had my amp direct to the monitor with an optical for audio but i reallly was hoping that the denon would resolve the issue of having to flick thru the monitors av selects (which really bugs me!), hows the cab going mate waiting to see some progress?

  • Buy a programmable universal remote like the Logitech Harmony. It has discrete input codes that go directly to the input instead of toggling between Video inputs for most TV’s.
  • My friend is on the second coat of paint. He should have been done this last week, but I couldn’t get a hold of him. :frowning:

I’ve got my 360 hooked up to a Denon AVR-2809 and I don’t have any lag issues either.