Gaming Ottawa Presents - Battle Royale V [Nov 5th-6th]


Date and Location:

Nov 5th 10AM -> Nov 6th 10AM (overnight)

Norm Fenn Gym – Athletics Centre
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, K1S 5B6

Venue has $2 flat rate parking and there is lots of food on campus as well as 2 bars (not sure of hours). Weather doesn’t even matter, the entire campus is connected by underground tunnels.

This is a LAN and a console tournament (think like LAN ETS). The event will be running overnight and will be featuring many console tournaments as well as PC games (Full List). The venue DOES HAVE INTERNET (requirement for most PC games) so you can definitely keep an eye on Canada Cup while here!


$15 for console only
$25 for console + PC
+$10 for included dinner (probably pizza and drinks)

MvC 3 – $10
SSF4 AE – $10
SSB Brawl – $10
Blazblue - $10
Mortal Kombat 9 - $5
3S:OE - $5

Prizes will be 70/20/10 split for 1st/2nd/3rd respectively.

Full list of tournaments @ (LoL, SC2, CSS, CS1.6, TF2, Halo: Reach, Rockband, Dance Central, etc…)

Pre-register @

If you’re coming for the LAN side as well it is HIGHLY recommended that you pre-register as this event will most likely sell out.


Good luck with this

Blazblue and 3S:OE are also confirmed side tournaments. Most likely $5 entry. Details to come…

I’m gonna be there. Basically all the reason you guys need to go. Just saying ya know. I’m am the hype!

Vince bring a car full of marvel! Prease!

3S:OE and Blazblue added.

BB $10
3S:OE $5

Sponsorship? In my Ottawa? It’s more likely than you think!

To make this tournament even more juicy Ottawa HQ will be offering sponsorship to the top placing Ottawa player who finishes Top 3 in MvC3*. Through this sponsorship we will be willing to cover venue & entry fees to any subsequent sizable out of town tournament or local tournament with multiple cities attending.

This sponsorship has the possibility to extend past a single event if, at our discretion, the player continues to represent Ottawa and HQ well both in performance and presence.

*If multiple Ottawa players finish top 3, the highest placing player would receive this sponsorship.

Disclaimer: This offer has no affiliation/involvement with Gaming Ottawa.

HQQ.swag iRockTheVote

I like this, my mid-terms will just be finishing and hopefully I can make myself a little less free before the tourney rolls around.

HQQ.Anti Swag Familyman

Damn I forgot we blew everyone up as the anti swag monsters

what’s the schedule like??I can come if marvel is late in evening:D


the champ wants to defend his belt

This tournemant is going to be so swag. I’m shit at every fighter I play but I’ll be there for kicks.

Need a photographer?

the Ottawa GO champ has spoken

fixed, Danny :wink:

real talk I hope they run marvel in the evening too, that would be godlike.

Actually I think I can come on saturday morning but would b awesome if you guys can post the game times so I can make plans.


Also, requesting xmvsf, I’d love to see the great Ottawa battle this out.

Iw ish i could stream XvSF but i’d get DMCA’d in a second unless someone has a real board or something, or a version thats reliable.

Fuck streaming games, I’d rather have a Canada Cup stream up plzkthx