Gaming Headphones

I know a lot of cats on here are into audio, and play games, so I figured some one could help a cracka out. I’m looking for a set of headphones that I can use with my xbox 360, and possibly ps3. I’ve used the turtle beach headphones, but I found their build quality to be lacking. I heard that the sennheiser PC350’s were great, but I can’t seem to get a straight answer on whether or not they’ll work with my 360. MLG says some shit about buying a mixamp, but I don’t need something that decodes dolby digital signals. I have a high end receiver that does that.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know if they’ll work in a PS3/Xbox360, but I use Sennheiser HD555’s for my PC and they’re pretty good. They aren’t exactly high-end but will be better than your average headphones. They’re open air so you can hear things around you and they’re pretty comfortable too.

Yeah, I use a pair of Sennheiser 595s and they’re phenomenal.

I mean, they’re best for classical music, but games are fine too.


Far and away the best “pro” 360 solution! Be prepared to shell money from far out your ass though:

These things are item 9: the bees knees!

Buy just the headphones if you don’t need the Dolby mixer but it’s worth the extra 50 even if you already have a nice setup so when you’re on the go or at a tourney you have competitive sound!

I got the Razer’s Barracuda.

They are pretty good, and pretty cool looking.
I’ve never tried other “gaming” Headphones.

(Astros look nice too! love the design…)

I have the turtle beach and LOVE them.

However, if you don’t want to mess with them, on build quality and fidelity, you cannot go wrong with anything from Sennheiser.

i know you said that you had the turtle beach but the new px1s will allow you to use them for your ps3 and xbox360 with an adapter if that helps

You can, in fact, go wrong with some Sennheisers. The 201 sounds pretty damn horrible IMO. :frowning:

Anyway, I use my Senn HD600 with my xbox through either my TV or my sound system. They’re pretty good, but I don’t really think you’ll need an HD600 just for games. I think a 435 should be enough.

i use the astro gaming as well, though only the mixamp. the headphones are good but not really to my liking.

i use sony mdr7506’s with the astro gaming mixamp. the only other headphones i own that sound truly crisp with games like cod/halo are my beyerdynamic 880s, but then again they sound fantastic paired with any amp.

(it matches the re5 elite really well)

Whoa, wait, that looks like a pretty good amp. How’s the surround when using optical input?

I would also like to mention that for “ear bud” style headphones, its really hard to beat Ultimate Ears.

UE makes KILLER IEMs (In Ear Monitors).

The MSRP on my TripleFIs is like3 $130, but I got them on amazon for $80…best IEMs I have ever owned. They SHIT ON the comparable model from Shure.

Those are sweet! Serious. I just got a hard-on. I think I know what my next big purchase will be!

you really found turtle beach lacking in quality?

ive got a pair of these:

and they’re great… ive been meaning to order an adapter so i can use em w/ my 360. but currently they’re my backup headset. When my cheap one for my pc went out, i couldnt find the same cheap set i had, so i opted to buy a real pair, i went with steelseries 5h or something. i dont think they work w/ 360 or ps3 though. you’d have to do research on em for the ps3 compatibility.

i’ve used the astro headset before. pretty nice if you’re into competitive online gaming. the dolby surround sounds great but theres not very much oomph to them, that audio controller is great to use any headphones on.


i completely agree, but that isn’t the fault of the amp… the headphones are just lacking in depth, clear, but no depth.