Gameware Monthly 2.5 - Baton Rouge, LA - Friday, June 19th, 2009

It?s time for the first Gameware Monthly of the summer. After the great fights at Battle of the South, I expect some equally great footage for our Youtube channel.

Location: Gameware @ College Dr.

Registration: 6 PM
Tournament: 7 PM

Entry Fee: $5
Pot Split

Street Fighter IV (XBOX 360):
Double Elimination
All Matches Best 2 of 3 Games
All Games Best 2 of 3 Rounds
Previous game?s winner must keep his/her character (Only applies to that match)
No Banned Characters

As always, I would appreciate any help with setups (TVs/360s with games). I will provide standard 360 controllers. B.Y.O.S. as usual. Top 8 will be filmed along with other random matches. Money matches will be allowed as long as they are finished before midnight.

In order to expedite the tournament?s operation, please arrive as close to six as possible. If you cannot make it for that time, PM me before the day of the tournament and I?ll accommodate for the situation. Please show up on time for your matches; not being present may result in disqualification without refund.

There will be no side tournaments allowed. Feel free to PM me with any questions. If you need to contact me via phone, PM me for the number.

*Fourth place prize removed from pot before percentages calculated

fuck ur no side tournament ass

Forgive me for wanting my tournaments to end on time :rolleyes:
Plus, Steve asked me not to have any. So I’m gonna do what he says.

Dude, I put in a word for you. You’re name’s on the “Wall of Referrals”.
(Which means if someone gets fired, you’re up next)


America is coming

I’ll have some video up from this in a day or two


Hey man im new to baton rouge and am looking for a place that host alot of tournaments and i was told about you guys. I called and im just trying to make sure, are yall also having a pokemon tournament. If so what are the rules? And will yall be having halo reach when it come out. Thank you for your time.