I fell in love with this game during the first 2 or 3 seconds they showed this magic on my tv screen just now. It’s apparently Itagaki’s new game… I was halfway paying attention and noticed him introducing the clip. It has just about everything I wanted to see…outrageous violence and fast-paced action. Guns, rockets, swords, people getting decapitated…yeah this is GOLD.

It will likely be up on gt’s site right after tonight’s show is over. Discuss.

ah, I found a link now, for you folks that don’t watch tv: here is another link to the trailer

Heh gotta say i wasn’t expecting that from him…and not a Ninja in sight lol.

Gun Bladez, is that you?

Just means all three main characters will get killed by a ninja in the end, since insert name of other type of fighter here can’t beat a ninja” in Itagaki land.

Why do I laugh when I see the words Legendary Creator and Itagaki in the same sentence.

THe majority of the trailer was him rubbing himself off.

The game looks all right. Almost like left 4 dead but with ninjas and explosions.

Itagaki is like the Michael Bay of gaming.

Here is the youtube version


Game looks mad sexy!

hahah thiiiis!!! so true. azn michael bay.

except he swaps out explosions for big titties and ninjas.
this trailer had me dying…the music is too much.

looks like Ninja Gaiden w/ different characters. The chick reminds me of Ruby from Wet.

Reminds me of Prototype minus building hopping.

just dawned on me that the title of the game could be a reference to the musical tritone A.K.A. The Devil’s Third