Gametime results 8/14/02 Home of the Unimaginable!

Alright you all this tournament was kinda weird, but was pretty good. There were 10 people that entered being that evolution is over and there are no apex points.

Anyway here are the results:

1st Jeremy Huang
2nd Wayne Riley
3rd Marc Poynter
4th Jody woodley
5th Elfaz LastnameIdontknow
5th Adam Jennings
7th Eric Lee
7th Anthony Gilbert
9th Lei LastnameIdontknow
9th Will Hicks

All in all it was an okay tournament that could have went wrong. I had to put it together at the last minute. Thanks to me for being there to run the shit and Marc for helping make the brackets for me.

Holy Hell!

I leave for a couple of days and this shit happens. Well congrats to Jeremy good job Dude.
I just heard that somebody became a very bad TMNT. The were more afraid of a fight then a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.

:lol: :lol:

the name’s Huang

anyways, all i can say is that EVO taught me the secret to cvs2: massive turtling with a RC psycho crusher thrown in for good measure.

thank you wayne for giving me the first round in the finals by choosing whack characters :smiley:

Marc P, my A-groove is too strong for you! hahahahahha

This tournament was okay. Alot of suspenseful finishes and a few surprises(Jeremy winning the tournament and Marc P. getting 3rd). :lol: Congrats to Jeremy for winning the tournament. Gotta give a person their props.

“Lei Fang” & “Elfaz Salhe”

Kikin isn’t running the tournaments anymore?

Congrats to Jeremy. Evo paid off eh? I wonder if I’ve gotten any better…:wink:

Hey sparatic, did you get my message, oh and how did you do dog???

Jeremy stepped up his game to a whole new level. There was some Japanese play in that guy man. Jody was mad cocky that he was gonna win and he didn’t even get third. DAMN YO. Mark, as usual, did some odd shit and odd level 1 Blanka super that owned up some people. All i gotta say is “WWWWOOHOOOOOO!!!”:lol: :lol:

Good job Jeremy glad to see you winning a tournament. Hit up my cell if you ever wanna practice your game.

i don’t remember jody saying anything about winning, at least in front of me. perhaps you were just watching me panic when i learned i had to play him and thought he said something to me. anyways, yeah, estuardo get your ass to GT so i can play some counter-RC :smiley:


Well as I told you last night Congrats. Yo J when u want to EVO did u getting any matches on tape? if so aim me I will discuss more when we talk.:cool:

The only thing i want to say is lil koops avatar is too hot LOL

Sorry if i seemed cocky i definately never act like or say or even think like im going to win. I beg your forgiveness elfaz you are a good respectable player and im ashamed if I behaved in said manor. On a higher note, you have improved vastly since last time! and really gave me a run for my money! Some friendly advice: if you have a problem w/ how I’m/the next guy is acting tell them in person so as it as not thought of as you are a someone who likes to talk shit over the computer as soon as they get home. I know if you talked to me i would have certainly apologized in person because thats the kinda guy i am. Also now that im thinking I dont see anything wrong w/ being a little cocky, just a part of videogames whether cvs, mario, or duckhunt. So please dont think ill of me becasue id be shattered; I have too much respect for you man. :lame:

ok technically… in the past ive been known to talk a high amount of shit at times so i cant say never but ive realized theres only one time to talking shit can be beneficial, when you’re playing. That is something I really dont ever do but something I can appreciate.

you all better behave next time :wink:

Talking Shit!!!

Talking shit helps release frustration. So I think that it is good for the soul.

I cant believe I fucking missed it.

I would have P grooved your RC shit Jer AND YOU KNOW IT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeremy, i try to go to GT as little as possible now. i’m convinced the sticks will never be fixed, and waiting in line for 20-30 mins to play cvs2 is a pain, even if i am winning. and the weeklys are just lasting too long, i was happy when they were 3-4 hours, but now its 5+ hours, which is crazy

now marvel, i totally gave up on that game, but i do play it just for fun now adays, although i am not sure but last time i saw the screen, sentinel took up 80% of the screen and magneto was the size of blackheart. so i dunno, those kinda things mad me not wanna really go that much.
I PM’ed you my cell number, which you might still have, i lost yours or else i would of called you to come get a beatdown.

anyways, check your PM in and you will see my cell. hopefully, blt is comming up like he said, i will go pick up darick, and that should be a good days of ownage. we can try to meet up at GT and then head back to my house for some good comp.

Tommy, you know nothing of bad sticks. Going to EVO has taught me that Gametime has been blessed with the best sticks i’ve EVER played on (for CVS2 that is). Not only could i not run at EVO, i also couldn’t small jump, and level 1 super FBs came out when i wanted a DP. But yeah, I should be at GT tonight for a little while, since BurningFist wants to test his P-groove against my RC/Turtle style, so yeah i got your number, i’ll pm you my number. catch you later

Why are you people still playing this game again?