GameStop Pulls MOH of shelves in military base locations


Seems kinda overzealous dont you think?

Yeah, pretty lame reaction. Let’s thank all the soccer moms and nascar dads out there.

Well, at least it will be funny to read about if this blow up in their faces and we get members of the millitary complaining to papers about not being able to buy the game at their local gamestop.

The US is far too concerned with being politically correct. They forgot that this is just a game for entertainment. I dont see them censoring out all the “terrorist” in movies or the other forms of media that they are present in…

but AMERICA’S ARMY (game designed and sold by the army itself) makes you play as terrorists.

Last I checked, you can play as Nazi’s in most WW2 multiplayer games. I haven’t seen Gamestop or any retailer take the game off store shelves in heavily Jewish communities or near any Synagogues. ZOMG DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!1!one

In all seriousness, this is silly. I don’t see why this game is so much more offensive than any other modern setting FPS shooters out now. Even MW2 didn’t have this kind of response, and that game has the main character taking part in a terrorist act (and yes, I know there was outcry against it, but as far as I know, it wasn’t taken off any storeshelves. And any multiplayer FPS that takes place in a historic setting has playable solders from whatever the “opposing force” to the Allies/America in said conflict. Why is this so touchy?

For the record, I have no problem playing as Nazi soldiers in WW2 sims, and I’m Jewish. Definitely going overboard here.

And America’s Army doesn’t actually let you play as terrorists. Each side will see themselves as US soldiers and the opposing side as terrorists.

I don’t see anything wrong with this. We are in wartime, but many of us seem to forget this. And it’s not as if they are banning it stateside, so what’s the problem?

If we were extend the logic they’re using:

  • Need for Speed shouldn’t be sold in areas with a high volume of illegal street racing.
  • GTA shouldn’t be sold anywhere there are crime victims (pretty much banned).
  • Any FPS that glorifies war should be banned as war is universally frowned upon.

And so on.

How about the irony that actual soldiers helped make the game?

Or current and off-duty servicemen are avid FPS gamers as well?

Or the logic falls apart when you apply to anything else (see post above)?

Or playing as bad guy avatars is as old as competitive FPS?

Where do we begin…

How does that have any relevance here? “We’re in wartime” is the only reason you’re giving to justify?

Oh, damn so this game won’t be at my on base AAFES BX gamestop. looks like I’ll just have to go off base down the street to get it at the mall gamestop.

totally worth crying about.

I will completely defend your rights to not be inconvenienced when buying a game. What’s the point of going over to afghanistan and shooting real terrorists if you guys can’t come back home, pop in a game and shoot fake ones? That means terrorist have won.

Have you been stationed overseas? If aafes doesn’t have what you’re looking for and local is more expensive or region locked, its a bitch to order online cause it comes by us postal and takes upto month.

And certain things just can’t be shipped. If ur in the military though, u get so used to being fucked that this really shouldn’t be on the radar.

Are you talking about the original PC version ?

You are wrong . In America’s Army , you will see yourself and your team is always the U.S. Army . In your view , the enemies are always the terrorist . However towards their view , they see you as the terrorist . You get the process ?

This, more of this and this by a billion.

And for over-seas, luckily, I have a nice wife who has no problem’s buying me games and then mailing them to herself. But this can be a problem for Active Duty members who don’t have that kind of support system back in the states and for them it sucks. but once again, I’d just like to be reminded of the above message about being screwed over before.