Gamestop/Other Store release tourney experiences

Just got home from the Hammond, IN Gamestop tourney. There were about 40 people there. We had to play on pad and choose 360 or PS3. Finals was on PS3.

It was pretty fun, but I felt bad because I just sat in the corner with Arthur/Dormammu (no hidden characters unlocked, btw) throwing projectiles and ended up getting first, undefeated.

I got a free copy of the game, which I sold to a friend who came with me since I have the Special Edition for both systems already preordered.

congrats! … I guess. haha yeah seems like you used the two spammiest chars, but hey, do what you gotta do. Wish I went to one of these. Stupid college.

I called around to the Walmarts looking for a place that actually was doing the tournaments. I finally found a place that was doing one and was told it would start at 6PM. After driving about 20 minutes there, they were just starting to set up the console and the game. After about it an hour (they had a female do it) they finally got the system set up and I thought they were going to start. And then they told me that some half assed lie about how they were just setting up the game for people to try it. It’s bullshit because they were sent a free copy of the game so that people could play the tournament on it and try to win it. And why would they go through all the trouble to set it up and then say something otherwise.

I checked back with another store that was unsure when they were going to run the tournament and they said they would have one at 11:15. I got there around 10:45 just in case and they said they weren’t going to start it until 12. I was the only person there and so they pretty much said you win by default. But then some other dude came and so we were just going to play one match to see who would get the game even though he didn’t stand a chance. And then like 4 or 5 more people entered at the last minute, most of which were actually employees of the store. But everyone that played were either mashers except for the guy who got there right after I did who was OK but just didn’t understand the system.

After the tournament I was handed my prize (the game and the cover) and the flyer for the 5,000 capcom unity points. One of the guys who was playing before must have made off with the flyer for the 20,000 points but luckily I remembered the code and was able to get all the credit.

The downside is since I got the copy that they used for the tournament, it’s the 360 version. But I have a PS Triple so I can’t even play it.

Won the local Wal Mart tourney. They actually let a guy hook up his stick that he brought which I didn’t expect from Wal Mart. Anyway, yeah, got my copy. Was pretty fun, barely one against the guy with the stick on a timeout. Was pretty rough.

Went to a local double store tournament. Not too many people showed up (24) and even less of them even had the slightest idea of what was going on. Fortunately, we got to use the locked characters! I took first place with Zero, Amaterasu, Sentinel. They also let us use sticks! Friend of mine played very hard for second place and there were only a few other notables in the crowd. Again, mostly just fodder.

Won a $65 Gamestop gift card which I will use on the MvC3 strategy guide + whatever.

I lost to a button masher :[

Wow. At my walmart, they set up the tournament using the broken xbox 360 controller from the display unit and a new madcatz wired xbox 360 controller that wouldn’t do diagonals at all. It was the stupidest video game tournament i’ve ever been to.

There was only 7 people that showed up at the Gamestop so there was no tourney but i did go undefeated. A lot of guys were doing more complaining like, "OMG insert character isn’t in this*. Since i got the game a week before street date, i knew what i was doing with certain characters like Super Skrull, Deadpool, and Morrigan.