Gamespot's Insight on SFxT DLC Controversy & Other Games

Check the article written by Brendan Sinclair

[LEFT]** **[SIZE=3]This IMO is a well written article about the this conflct that is going on. I know there are multiple feelings about this situation. Some people will agree & dissagree.Most of the comments on Gamespot are simlar to the ones here. Good arugments from both sides of the conflict. However, I would like to read how some people feel about this situation period. Also, how you feel about this article. Also, please for other people reading to understand your side of the confilct; put much detail into what you think about the situation if you can and try to be conveniently sincere as you can. So we can have a good proper disscussion about this; and not a hostile arugment. May not last long but lets try to keep it in that lane.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

You know, before reading that article I thought the only gaming journalism worth reading is in Forbes.

After reading it I’m most definitely sure Forbes is the only gaming journalism worth reading. The fact that the article completely missed the point of WHY gamers don’t like on disc DLC and was an unabashed supported of the publishers. Come on man, don’t troll for pageviews here, have a little class