Gamespot review of Tekken 5 w/ WORLD TEK3 CHAMP


Jeff vs Ryan “Ryan was crowned the official Tekken 3 World Champion”

WARNING: This may be the funniest shit you will ever see…

post your hearts out…

omg…SCRUBS!!! :mad:

At least MLG and SBO got mentioned.

I’m crying over here. He does the basic Yoshi 10 string and everyone goes nuts, only for him to spout off “Yeah, I’ve been practicing that one!”

What a fucking clown.

thx for stealing my AV dick!!! or should i say…everyones AV…lol

and they’re joined by other occasional players, like Bryan, Lei, Hwoarang, Bruce, Baek, Anna, Lee, and Xiaoyu.


Really those guys are only occasional players huh.

fat annoying american presenters
rofl @ this stupid shit. And people pay to get gamespot extras? ha


whats all this crap i have to watch
where is the tekken stuff

who the hell are these jeff and ryan guys? valle was #1 in tk3 in cali .

some scrub ass bitches…seriously ive never seen so much garbage in my life

“Official” champion? “OFFICIAL”? I can’t believe they even used that for a title with videogames.

I thought Ryan Hart was the Tekken3 world champion? :confused:

Lol you people need to relax. It’s just a couple of guys who have some quarrel in tekken for fun geeze people already jumping all over em with their “OMG THEY SUCK!1111111” comments.

You dont believe they really think they are the best in the world or anything do you?

They are stealing a title that they don’t deserve just 'cause they are on TV.

Also, its possible that they think they are the best.

The funniest part was the fattest guy there was wearing a shirt that said “FUBU Athletic”.

Ok I suppose if they’d dumbed it down to gamespot champion it would have been better but im still of the opinion it’s just for fun, it is a show after all.

I managed to watch about 6 minutes of it before I turned it off.

Pretty funny though… almost looks like some of the Evo crew.

Haha xD

dont take this seriously people. There joking around.