GameShare marvel vs capcom origins ps3

Im willing to pay money to gameshare this game on ps3



Absolutely not.

Also, @Pertho whats the rule for this in GD?

He should’ve asked in VGG.

Right now thats the only way to get people on MvC:O or MvC2 so thems the break.

He can also try the MvC2 facebook group.

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Try the Discord. We have a channel specifically for game share begging.


To save people time: no, nobody has any game shares left. You are user 15,000,029 to ask since it’s been six years. If you need the game, your best option is to jailbreak a PS3 or use nullDC.

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I just spend $55 on eBay for a clone GD Emu and installed it into a Dreamcast.

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Only prob is no online play.

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Would just like to reiterate how incorrect this is. There are still Game Shares left, you just have to look. One account can let 5 people play Marvel 2 and people are usually still willing to work with you in the Discord, for a price.

Not sure why somebody would imply otherwise.

My loose understanding is that after I wrote that we found one person selling game shares on the discord and that they might have some more available in the future - is that about correct? In the various other venues usually people ask and ask and have gotten nowhere, which sucks since everybody involved wants to get them up and playing as soon as possible. The current barrier to entry sucks. If there is a persistent source of game shares I’m all ears: we’re probably on that same discord together, and I’d love to make sure any current statements I make reflect current knowledge. :slight_smile:

Not sure why somebody would imply otherwise.

To save people frustration of finding that one special wizard in a back alley who might have a copy. People kept coming along saying “I can’t find any game shares please help me” and we say “we don’t have any, yes this sucks, jailbreak and enjoy the game” and they say “no, find me game shares” and we get stuck in that loop until they wander away. That sucks. I’m glad you’ve found a working solution here. :slight_smile:

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