Games. What are you getting through 2013?

Yeah. Time for that drought.

Anything people plan on getting for the rest of the year of games that are confirmed? Maybe get some ideas, ect.

Mine are:

Saints Row 4
Gran Theft Auto 5
WWE 14

This year is bleak.

I think I might pick up Super Mario Bros.


JoJo’s All Star Battle
Bioshock Infinite
New Wolfenstein
Borderlands 2
Luigi’s Mansion 2
CV: Mirrors of Fate
DKC Returns 3DS
Resident Evil Revelations
Pikmin 3
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Monster Hunter 4
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario Galaxy 2
Link to the Past 2
Project X Zone
Pokemon Y
A few Shin Megami Tensei games
Batman: Arkham Origins
Castle of Illusion remake
Last of Us

there’s probably more I just can’t remember atm. Gonna be broke as fuck, especially considering I need a new PS3 stick.

Mainly just gonna hit up the backlog and wait for the next gen systems.

Nothing really great seems to be coming out this year.

I’ll probably pick up:

  • Saints Row 4
  • Dynasty Warriors 8
  • Disgaea D2
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (Though I’ve grown tired of the CoD games)
  • The new Batman
  • Dragons Crown

Everything else looks pretty worthless.

Since 2013 i’ve picked up:

Borderlands 2
Dead island: riptide
Jet set radio
Bioshock infinite

I want to check out the l4d 2 / resident evil cross overs…

I’m still knee deep in Borderlands 2 / dead island: riptide… i havnt event touched bioshock and halo 4 yet @_@;

PC Skullgirls.
DayZ Stand Alone.
Maybe KOF 13 and the UM’s once they’re confirmed and have good netcode.
Possibly MK9 on Steam. Even if the netcode is bad it’ll be fun to see all the custom outfits dudes will come up with.
Already bought Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Out Of This World/Another World HD re-release (Steam).

What’s this you’re talking about?

I sure as hell hope Dark Souls II makes it this year, cuz the number of games I’m looking forward to for 2013 after Razor’s Edge is ZERO. Not one. Think I’m done with the FPS genre completely, there’s literally nothing interesting they can do now. Even Bioshock Infinite bored the shit out of me, and I figured that would let me leave the FPS genre alone on a high note. Was wrong.



BlazeBlue Chrono Phantasma
The Last of Us
Tales of Xillia (hopefully won’t be too poor for collector’s edition!)

killer is dead
dragon’s crown
watch dogs
the last of us
beyond two souls

im outi


Ace Attorney 5

Europa Universalis 4
Killer is Dead

I can’t remember any other games that I’m interested in.

I am considering these ones, but it can change honestly:
Grid 2
WWE 14
Watch Dogs
DayZ stand alone
Total War: Rome II
Ride to Hell: Retribution(This game is still not available yet)
Wargame: Airland Battle (^^)
Remember Me(With attacks like Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick and Shoryuken)
Arma 3(already have it, but the full version has to be released, yet).

Probably not gonna get ANYTHING new until the new consoles drop.

I will however grab some used, reduced price shit later on. Half the games I got now I don’t play because I am too busy being better than Amazing Funbags in Call of Dookie.

Some shit taste in here.

I may pick up Dark Souls 2 on PC but I’ll wait and see how it is first. The PC version of Dark Souls 1 is dog shit.

Bayonetta 2 and GTAV.

Picked up Bioshock Infinite and injustice already.
Debating between Skullgirls and Borderlands 2.

They’re making a Link to the Past 2?!