Gamer's Inc. Orlando SSF4 Tournament: Part 2! Now with BB:CS

It’s time for some more fun at Gamer’s Inc!
We’ll be having SSF4, Random Select SSF4, and a BB:CS Tournament

It will take place at Gamers Inc. at Waterford Lakes next to Simply Yogurt

    ** 504 N Alafaya Trl, #111, 

Orlando, FL 32828**
Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Casual, Setting Up, Warming Up Time: 12 PM
Estimated Starting Time of 1st Tournament: Between 1-1:30 PM
All Tournaments after will have about a 15 min - 20 Min Gap in between

*Door Fee is $5
There will be 3 Tournaments total on this afternoon!*

Please ACT YOUR AGE AND HAVE FUN. The manager was nice to let me host here, so I hope to see that same respect back from everyone, if i see anything wrong i well ask you to leave and no refund!!!


*PS3 for BB:CS, we’ll need community effort on this one if we want to make it happen. So please get at me if you’re indeed bringing a set-up for BB:CS.
Xbox 360 will be the system used for the SSF4 Tourney, the store will provide the consoles.

We will need extra copies of SSF4, so if you could please help support with that, that would be greatly appreciated!

*If you plan to bring you own set-up for casuals and whatnot, please PM me and let me know!*
  • General Rules:
    o 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
    o 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Finals
    o Double Elimination

  • Money Pot will be be split 70/20/10

    Tournament #1: Random Select Tournament
    Fee $5
    -Random Select Only!
    Tournament #2: BB:CS Tournament
    Fee $5
    -Default game settings
    -Unlimited(Boss) characters Are banned

    Tournament #3: SSF4 Tournament
    Fee is $5
    -Winner cannot Change Character or Ultra.
    -Loser can Change Character or Ultra

    Hope to see you all there!!!

BB:CS People!

Please get at me about console set ups and whatnot, this is my first time hosting BB:CS and it seems a bit tricky with the DLC Characters, anything I should know with that?..
Also if someone could advertise this on dustyloop for the BB:CS community that would be great as well!

Thank you!

Make it 360 and im sure youll see South FL in full force.

I can provide both systems. 360 and PS3. However the PS3 setup will need a monitor. Only have one.

My brother and I can provide two BBCS setups, one for 360 and one for PS3, with all DLC characters available. We’ll probably make this one.

Gamer’s Inc provides Monitors for the set ups…and no need to bring 360s just a copy of the game…

I think 3 total setups of PS3s should be good (Ben, Rico, and Jesse is bringing one too)… I’d like to help keep things uniform.
If we can get one more PS3 setup for 4 that would be better, but 3 will do.
If anything bring 360 copies of SSF4 as well!

Or do you guys expect a pretty big crowd?

Also I’ll talk to Jesse to see if he has Makoto from the DLC…if anything we can ask for some quick wi-fi from the store and if one of you would be kind enough to game share we can get that situation fixed up.

Thanks for the support, if you’re wondering who the heck I am…

I’m Rafael, I’m helping Jesse organize this…he’s just the one hosting and running day of basically.

I’ll be there to win SSF4.

What are the estimated starting times for the other tournaments?

How many people are you expecting for Super?

guys if you need to contact me call me at 407-722-0784

Name is Jesse

Man, I really hope this happens more than once. This tourney happens to be on the only Saturday that I’ve had to work in a while. Really bummed that I have to miss out. Good luck running everything tho, hope the turn out is nice.

hey can i bring a ps3 for ssf4 because alot of my friends that are coming cant use the 360 pad only ps3

You’re a little late to the party brah, tourney was yesterday. good luck with that though