Gamers and Xbox Live?

I’ve been on a recent rant about trying to start a local fighting team in Florida since I’m down here for college. Watching streams online a lot more and reading Tweets from the main stream famous gamers, I’ve been thinking about this question for the longest. Why do Pro Gamers/most serious fighting gamers use and or prefer Xbox over PS3. It’s been having me in a loop all day whether I should invest in an Xbox or not. Your take on this?

I got both but prefer xbox. Slightly better netplay and better competition. Not a big deal if you dont care that much about netplay.

Better netplay in general, more competition, PS3 is a little slower than 360 and Arcade are (uuuusually…some games are optimized properly and run better on PS3, but it’s kinda uncommon…)

But you might as well play on PS3 if you have to choose one or the other for home consoles because most tournaments use the PS3 version (think it’s because Sony sponsors/ed EVO and nobody wants to buy a bunch of PS3 and 360s.) If you play Xbox constantly and suddenly have to play on PS3, it will fuck up your timing occasionally.