Gamepro's Super Turbo strategy guide (1994)

Gamepro magazine once had a strategy guide for Super Turbo, with some interesting things I’d like to know.

They had a grid of matchups (7/3 favor for Cammy against Boxer I remember) which they added up and made a top 16 fighters list from. (I remember Dictator, Claw and Deejay being tied for best)

They also had a report of a Street Fighter tournament. As a kid, it read like the “difining Street Fighter” tournament. I wonder who got featured in that article (I remember reading about a Zangief player that did alot of Jumping Fierce Splash into Rush throw but got beat by a Ken player smart enough to Dragon Punch the Splash :rolleyes: )

Does anybody else remember it? Perhaps it’s been put on the internet?

Thanks! A wonderful read :smiley:

(any mod may feel free to delete my post, I’m sorry for not finding the other thread)