Gamelot Monthly 3, San Antonio TX Results!

Had a great turnout this time, though I’m a bit disappointed I canceled 3rd Strike and Tekken 5DR. Brawl had a great turnout still, much better than the last one, with 39 entrants. And Puffball FINALLY beat Dr Mario Kart lol.

Guilty Gear had 8 entrants, and Marvel had 15 entrants. There were 6 Brawl teams.

Brawl Singles

1: Sethlon ($273.00)
2: Puffball ($78.00)
3: PozerWolf ($39.00)
4: Dr Mario Kart
5: Kikaioh
5: Zaiah
7: JUJ
7: K Prime
9: MorningStar
9: Suspect
9: K dawg
9: BAD
13: DSB
13: Greyfox
13: Erick
13: NESS Baby
17: ROB69
17: Over-All
17: No Casualties
17: Geoberos
17: B
17: IT
17: Joo
17: RayO
25: DiversiD
25: Jerem
25: Kyronexx
25: Red X
25: Mr. 12345
25: Jambi
25: ZA17
25: Gman
33: JEO
33: Destiny
33: FKFC
33: Infamous Mars
33: X
49: FD
49: Jipple

Brawl Teams

1: B-Spam (Puffball & Dr. Mario Kart) ($42.00)
2: JellyFish Pirates (Sethlon & Tarzan) ($12.00)
3: Reggy Kush ($u$pect & Morningstar) ($6.00)
4: Team Eddie’s Mom’s Hot (Superman & Ness Baby)
5: Green Team (FKFC & Rob 69)
5: Jipple (Cody & James)

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1: STFU ($105.00)
2: Jake M ($30.00)
3: Luiz ($15.00)
4: CarnEvil
5: Joey H
5: Andjita
7: Moo
7: Tony
9: Sinister-X
9: Jonny Ibanez
9: Drumliner Joe
9: DUX
13: Big Nasty
13: SDK
13: Boshe

Guilty Gear Accent Core

1: Strategic Master ($56.00)
2: Jan ($16.00)
3: PozerWolf ($8.00)
4: FD
5: Jonny Ibanez
5: SkyKing
7: MC Clusky
7: Oyashiro

Im really sorry I couldnt go I wanted to defend that 3s title :rofl:
sorry I had to work overtime.
I promise I’ll show up next time.

I take it 1st in Guilty Gear is actually Strategic Masher a.k.a. Latif? Good shit guys.

Good games to everyone! Had a blast even though marvel only had 15 people lol.

Sorry I couldn’t play that much at Brandon’s. I was tired as hell and got on the couch and literally fell asleep after 3 minutes. XD

good games toan , jake and johnny fun playing ya’ll at Rudys…

and to the the cc players fun to play ya’lll…

Joeyh. you beat me twice in the tourney and i got you back in money matches <33333

anjita good games bro hahah game with us sometime…

luiz good shit in destroying brad whhooooo

Fro thanks for the money…“your a fucking assshole” lmfao

chokeclops ftw

Man that was prolly the sloppiest Ive ever played in a tourney in regards to execution can’t believe I got 2nd. Any vid thats released of me here should probably be preppy style “Jake vs xxxx don’t watch this”

good games though san antonio people thanks for lettin us crash at your place rudy and brandon.

Good games everyone. Especially enjoyed the few games of ST with a couple of y’all.

Good games from everyone this weekend. Glad to meet all the Brownsville and SA peeps…you guys are cool as hell. Looking forward to playing all you guys again in the near future.

GG’s to all you niggas!
nice meeting some of the new folks!
its always a pleasure :slight_smile:
till next time! peace

What happened to my boy Joey

Well 5th isnt bad seeing how he never plays.

He single-handedly eliminated half of the San Antonio crew :looney:

Hey, great games to everyone who came to the tournament this weekend. We appreciate everyone coming out - especially those who came all the way from Dallas, Brownsville, and Corpus. There were a lot of intense, close matches which made the tournament a lot of fun.

I will have vids up from the tournament later in the week. You can subscribe to my YouTube account ( to see them as soon as I put them up. I’ll also link to them here.

lets get back on that crack, JEAN!

good games to everyone. too bad there wasnt any 3s.

man im soo sloppy, i need to play more. also team row sent first is the new crack team!

good shit to jake for sending to me to the BRAD JOHNSON and LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS.

Your Sent/Cap teams are BEASTLYYYY!! Thanks for letting me use your stick for the tourny.

gg.s to everybody …

Alright guys, videos are UP! At this moment, everything is up except for those in the top 4 (GF, WF, LF, and one other). I should be able to get everything except for GF2 up tonight (it’s on another tape which will take some time to capture). Everything else should be up within the next hour or two.

There’s some REALLY great matches! Be sure to check them out - especially if you like seeing me lose (Adam) :wgrin:

Anyway, here they are:

Alrighty! ALL of the videos are up now! Enjoy! :lovin:

good shit BROD!

i enjoy these vidz of me pwning joke.

Great matches guys :tup: and props to Scotty for having such a godlike mix :looney:

Great shit with the matches.

Who do I need to send a pm to about the music on that mix???

That shit is too epic.