Gamefrog Tournament:Fall Tech! Sep 16, 2006

Back to school fight!

Orochi does it again…?

Gamefrog Tournament:Northgate Mall
1058 West Club Blvd
Durham, N.C 27701

Start Time:1:00

Chick-Filay side of the mall.


Contest rules …well you know them. :slight_smile:



Street Fighter III:3rd Strike


Guilty Gear Slash


The King Of Fighters:XI

Street Fighter Zero 3

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Capcom vs SNK 2

The Time of Retribution…TAKE YOUR DESTINY!

Get to the sign up list now!

Awww cmon Ed you gotta say youre having a SC3 tourny so no one can show up for it. Its tradition. :lol:

No CvS2? Sign me up for 3S.

CVS 2 is possible if people want it more than Slash.

yo ed, i’ll be there, but how about mvc2 and maybe cvs2. I’ll take them as minors if need be.

I want Slash so keep it.

No marvel or cvs2… I dont like it

I was about to say, what about CVS 2, then i can’t help but remember the last couple of tournies and the turn out was sorry. Really it has been the exact same 7 players that play, no one will just say oh well I will give this CVS 2 a try, not a single new player and that CvS2 is the stalest game in the state IMO

Not to say I dont want to play you guys, cause I will if there is a tourny and place tied for 5th lol.

Put me down for

3rd Strike
GGXX slash
KOF 11

wont miss this one go ahead and put me down for zero 3, t5, ggslash, and 3s

Could you put DOA4 as a minor.I know just from people I’ve got asking for tournaments I could get around fifteen people to come.

Put me down for 3S.I’ve got to start gettting some practice in for this game.

-3rd Strike
-Zero 3
-GG Slash
and if we have it…CvS2

The only way for someone to get better at MvC2 or CvS2 is if current players stop playing. I don’t mind seeing new stuff being run, at least then team Charlotte will not come JUST to take your money.

I’ll show just to play more Eleven…and then a little karaoke with Mike!


Time for my dramatic return to competitive gaming.

Sign me up for Slash!

3rd Strike


I’m down for Slash and Alpha 3.

Yo Aaron! I’m in Greenville as well hit me up on AIM sometime: Xiomara283
Get up with you latahs.

Put me down for 3S, A3, and Slash.

Wow…only playin in 3 tournaments. Wonder what I’ll do with all that free time…

Yo anybody in Greenville hit me up on AIM. I seroiusly didn’t know there were ANY 3S players in G-Ville. But yeah put me down as well for 3S, A3 and possibly T5. latahs.

Saisyu wheres smash brothers ?! lol we need that game , and fist of the north star lol , but put me down for :

3rd strike , KOF XI and smash if put down there later on