Gamecube Sticks

I play with an HRAPII for SF, but I also play SSBM and have wanted to use a stick in that game for a while. The rules for any tournament state that for controllers, there can be no modifications as to button sensitivity, so I cannot use a converter for the Hori (ps2 buttons are not touch sensitive, gamecubes are). Are there any gamecube sticks that I would be able to use? Does the SC2 stick meet these requirements?

  1. GameCube buttons are digital, not analog. There is no analog sensitivity to adjust.
  2. So using a converter should be legal.
  3. GameCube Stick IS analog. Playing with a digital stick would be the same as playing using the D pad on a regular controller. Im not a big Smash player, but wont that make dashes and smashes impossible?

In Smash, the D-pad just taunts.

Smash is probably the only major fighting game I can think of that actually uses an analog stick, both for analog directions and magnitude. You wouldn’t be able to use a digital arcade stick with it if you tried.

Although some kind of crazy-ass analog arcade stick might be cool, that’d be a heavy custom job, and would basically only be usable for Smash.

I thought the trigger you used for that shield thing was actually analog and determined the strength of the shield?

I cant say anything about the shield strength, but the triggers are both analog and digital. You know the ‘click’ when you press the trigger all the way? Thats a digital signal separate from the analog. So the triggers are both analog and digital. A, B, X, Y, Z, the D Pad, and Start are all digital.