Gamecube got the most balenced version of CvS2

No RC crap.Why don’t they play this version in tournaments?

Because It’s not “Arcade perfect” and you’re a scrub!

Why GC. XBOX is the superior scrub version.

Why didn’t your mother abort you?

As harsh as that comment was, I loled…

GC version isn’t arcade perfect and it has the stupid EO controls. If you’re not good enough to deal with RCs you probably shouldn’t be playing CvS2 in the first place.

eo p-groove has super cancels

its pretty awesome

im definatly not a serious cvs2 player, but wouldent taking away RC’s make the game LESS balenced. blanka and sagat would just be that much more dominant.

eh…no the EO is a setting its not standard.

How is it not arcade perfect and Xbox version is?

RC was pretty much one of the only things that kept CVS2 alive. No RC CVS2 is scrub CVS2.

ex groove/eo mode >boring broke rc ver :zzz:

Haha CVS2: EO was the game that got me into fighting games. :rofl:

The GC version is the best IMO…the controls are set up perfectly for the game,Xbox is best for MVC

No, because Capcom didn’t just remove RCs when they created CvS2 EO.

They made S-Groove and P-Groove slightly stronger, and they made a bunch of lower tier characters like Yuri, Kyosuke, King, Benimaru and Vice better by raising the damage they do by about 5%.

EDIT: Okay, I found the exact quote from psychochronic’s FAQ:

*-Sagat, Cammy and Blanka’s damage properties are 5%

-King, Dan, Kyosuke, Maki, Zangief, Raiden, Yuri, Eagle
and Ryo’s damage properties are 5% increased.

-Cammy bounces a lot higher when her Cannon Spike
gets blocked. Think of that move only with her CvS1

-Maki can no longer juggle a Custom Combo after her
P throw in the corner.

-Hibiki can juggle a Custom Combo after her K throw in
the corner.

-Sagat has some minor frame disadvantage and buffering
in some of his attacks and moves (Gamecube version

-Kim’s infinite has been removed. For those of you who
don’t know of it, corner the opponent and immediately
cancel a Level 2 Phoenix Kick and keep doing Legs of
Conquest in his second stance. Time it right as it needs
to juggle the opponent.*

So yeah, low tiers get a much-needed boost and Sagat/Blanka/Cammy get some much-needed nerfs…so how does the game become less balanced?

So I guess P-Groove and K-Groove players are bunch of scrubs, right???:rolleyes:
It seems like every so often, Arturo’s definition of SRK is proven right.

gotta love doing Guile’s flashkick with just a flick of the c-stick

…is there a way to change my join date so i wont be associated with these chumps?

and walking forward psycho crusher

stop catchin feelins over opinions lil girl…i posted based on the control settin i feel most comfortable with, there really isn’t a right answer either like GC or u like Xbox or PS2…it’s all about which one feels the most comfortable to you.

In 3s, you could do special moves and cancel them into super arts. why not in cvs2 p groove in the arcade ver? this confuses me.

no dumbshit there is an answer its the ps2 version since the its the version that most akin to the arcade version, playing cvs2 on the gc felt like tom barenger was stepping on my hand thats why i and 99% of the community play on a stick