Gamecenter 3rd Strike Tournament Vol 4: "4rd Strike" *APRIL 25th*

Hello all, this is the announcement of our 4th 3rd Strike tournament at the new Gamecenter location. With any luck this will be the 4th happening of a monthly event. We haven’t had a legit arcade 3rd tournament in norcal for over 2 weeks to my knowledge, and hopefully anyone interested comes out to support and make this happen more often.

San Carlos. You will have to PM me for details as this is not a business.

All matches will be held on arcade hardware.
2/3 games
Double elimination
Winner of first game will keep same character, loser is allowed to switch.

Signups start at 5:00 PM and end at 6:00 PM.
$5 venue fee
$5 towards pot

1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

PM me with any questions.

norcal we here! should be fun!

Hopefully the first of many.

Your welcome. Have fun.


I might come just to watch.

I’ll be there, mostly to play casuals in CvS2 (and KOF XIII, if Kin3tix shows up).

3rd Strike Vol.1 Tourney Results:

Supreme Champion: imNEEMO
Worthy Adversary: Rom
Maybe Next Time: Charles
4th place: Mark
5th place tie: Drunk Manny, Jimmy Tran
7th place tie: James ,Mami
9th place tie: Albert, Mike S. , Nima, David A.
13th place tie: Justin, Julio, Ramin, Daniel T.
17th place tie: Issahia, Swain

Link –

Is this monthly now? Every last Saturday of the month?

Yes this is some sort of monthly now. Bump for #3 which will be the 21st.

This will be fun. If you are thinking of coming to this, please PM for details.


Bump for volume 4 April 25th!

Nice, I’ll probably hit this one up. Been awhile since I played in one of these.

Tournament is tomorrow. Tell your whole family to come and get bodied.

Got some video footage of the matches that night. They’re uploaded here, good games all!

Does this still go on?

Nope. Less people showed up every month until death.