:lol: GAME-ZONE RECREATION presents:


We’ll be hosting sessions for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4.
We’re hosting these for people to come and help level up.
Every Tuesday from 6pm-10pm at the Etrium
which is the best gaming venue in the bay area. The Etrium ? Maintenance Mode

There will be a** $5** venue fee to help the venue (the Etrium) out.

3101 Whipple Rd suite #23
Union City, CA, 94587

We also host Video game tournaments as well for multiple tournaments in different games as well like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops. We are also working on a MvC 3 tournament later as well.

More info will be added to this post but make sure to check out our website.
Game-Zone Recreation :cool:

what do i get if i win 3s and cvs and marvel?

:lol: my bad for each game only 1st and 2nd place get CASH prizes and 3rd and 4th place get mystery prizes.

just added tournaments
September 28th - TEKKEN 5 DR and **HALO 3

:lol: just recently added! we will have a point system to add to the games for this session very similar to wat we had before but they are called RESPECT POINTS!!! and at the end of the session that person will be able to be called the top/best Gamer in the Bay Area! :karate: Get HYPED!!! :nunchuck::woot::lol:

I don’t want anyone getting :confused: so straight up the pay outs/prizes for each game go like this:

**1st place: 60% + 4points
2nd place: 20% + 3points
3rd place: mystery prizes + 2points
4th place: mystery prize + 1point

I’ll be there for smash, Luigi and Bowser will shine

BTW, how will your smash rules be? The MLG norm or something different?

ALSO, since Guilty Gear XX Accent Core came out for PS2, will you be using that version for your GG tournies?

:lol: O both games are FFA for september 21st but we will have a singles tournament for Smash Bros. Melee in October and a team smash tourny later in the year.

as far as rules for Smash:


  • (may change) 5 life stock
    -top 2 advance each round
    -there are set stages already preset and they are on random.
    -No weapons**

I’m pretty sure that’s it.

As far as Guilty gear I just found out today that it came out yesterday so we’ll try to get that one there b/c you gotta have the latest version :bgrin:

and ether tomarrow or monday I’ll post up the schedule for most of October. :wgrin:

At Play N Trade? nice I go by there often.

Can I get a list of random stages? Are they the ones used at EVO/MGL?

What if people team up before the match, wouldn’t that effect the outcome too heavily?

I just don’t get why we can’t have a by the book smash tournament, but alright

damn ill go to these

:lol: just added tournaments
October 5th - Street Fighter 3 and **Capcom vs SNK 2
other dates are being worked on at the moment. we are still waiting on the school :sad:.

:lol: um could someone sticky this thread to the top? :wonder: please thanks :bgrin:

:lol: O sorry about that.
yes you are open to and we encourage you bring your own sticks/controllers
we do have some but it is best if you bring your own so people in general have less excuses:wgrin:

as for new games to add to the roster we have now problem with adding new games to it but we just need to make sure there are enough people that are willing and able to participate in it. If not then it’s basically like a waste of time:sad:
you can request games to at our website at Under GZR Nights!

as for the exact version of SF2 we are still deciding it but at the moment it looks like it will be Super Turbo and it will be on the Ps2.

For ST, which version? Street Fighter Anniversary Collection or Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2?

I’ve heard people complaining about CCCv2, but they did use it in EVO. Either way I like SFAC too, they’re just slower than their arcade counter parts (and do need to be set on Speed 3)

:lol: it will be on Street Fighter Anniversary

as for exactly wat SF 2 it will most likely be SF2:ST but we may just have ST and let you have the option of having yourself going lower just if you want to show off or shine :cool:

I’ll be in another meeting tomorrow (today technically) to discuss wat version of SF2 we are using exactly.

And still no word from our school for our big Nights at Chabot :sad::sad:

Alright, me and a friend will be there tomorrow to win smash

:cool::lol: can’t wait.
Only about 16 hours and 12 mins till GZR Nights! kicks off w/ it’s first Night!
GET HYPED!!! :nunchuck::karate::rock::party::woot::woot::cool: :clap:

Good times, didn’t win, came close with my improv crew, and a nice store

For sure coming to MvC2, ST, SSBM (Singles & Doubles) and maybe 3s, making a money spot on at least one of them

EDIT: oh snap, play n trade opening up in my area, nice

:clap: Mad props to all that came to our tournies yesterday (9/21/07) . Please help spread the word b/c we’re trying to make GZR Nights! the spot for the east bay, heck the whole bay area :lol: and who ever else could enter our tournies. the Smash tourny was very fun :lovin: some tough comp and good times. for sure our next one will be singles so we can see who’s the true king of one on one in the bay area :bgrin: .

as for the Halo 2 :sad::sad::sad::arazz::annoy::sad:

hopefully our Halo 3 tourny will be much much better and that’s next week (9/28/07).

and Tekken 5 DR (9/28/07) is there too at 4:30pm

also for the results check at our website under GZR Nights they should be up by tomarrow.

:lol: O snap I forgot to mention it yesterday that there is another Smash Bros. Melee tourny at the same Play N Trade today (9/22/07) at 3pm but it’s not thrown by our club :wonder::sweat: it is by Play N Trade and it is a team tourny.

I don’t know the full rules exactly but
here’s the address again
**17780 Hesperian Blvd
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

so how many people entered the 9/21 tournament and what were the prizes.

:lol: for Halo 2 we had a horrible turnout :arazz: and the top 4 were
(1st place has won our tounries for Halo 2 3 times in a row:lol: just keeps whooping people)

1st: John Rojas = 4 Respect Points
2nd: Wahid Siddiqi/enderllgml = 3 R Points
3rd: Batman77 (me:lol::wgrin:) = 2 RP’s
4th: Manny/Doesn’t Matter ? = 1 RP
1st place: $24
2nd place: $8
3rd place: mystery prizes
4th place: mystery prize :lol:

I guess everyone’s playing/waiting for Halo 3 and don’t really want to play Halo 2:sad:

For Smash Bros Melee the turn out was a lot better :confused: Although we did expect more people but the tourn out was still :cool: we should have a lot more w/ singles in mid/late October. Mad props to Bson for helping me out w/ brackets and props to Ill and his friend Skall for coming through and coming pretty close :tup:. so the turn out for smash was 20 people

1st: Batman77 (me:lol::lovin::lovin::lovin::angel::wgrin:) = 4 Respect Points
2nd: Frog = 3 RP’s
3rd: Brandon/Poon :lol: = 2 RP’s
4th: Mikha C./Pixe (her 2nd time in 4th place :lol: not bad for a female:wgrin:) = 1 RP

1st place: $120
2nd place: $40
3rd place: mystery prizes
4th place: mystery prize :lol:

It went pretty good considering it’s the first one of the session :clap: :tup: .