Game Universe Framingham, Ma (8/31) - MvC2/3s tourney

What’s good fellow gamers
First of all this forum freaking rules glad to be here totally awesome.

I want to mention our Tournament coming in August 31, 2008
in Framingham, Ma at the video game store Game Universe. I’m Mike Melendez
aka Maikeru_Rocks co-founder of The Dreamcast Battle Network along with my partner Bobby Speight. This is our first tournament the games we will present are Marvel vs. Capcom 2(import) and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike(import) running on the SEGA Dreamcast(import). If anyone is coming to the Massachusetts stop thru for this special event it’s gonna awesome. for more info everybody, check out our blog at:

Mike " Maikeru_Rocks " Melendez

My top Dreamcast fighters:
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Guilty Gear X
Soul Calibur

Regional forums. Also, 3s on Dreamcast? Have fun with that.

cleaned up thread and moved to tournaments and events forum for you, otherwise it would have just been deleted. also, just letting you know that the community has dumped dreamcast 3s years ago as a tournament standard - majority of us play on ps2 3s now (this is not the case with marvel, though.) gl with your tournament.

if anyone could help me get there i’d have gas money and probably some cheeba. i live in somerville pm me prz.