GAME (UK) will NOT stock SF x T

GAME is dead. Im buying from Tesco’s now.

Who the fuck goes to GAME anyway? lol. Idependent retailers are where it’s at. :tup:

Not a big shock. They’re not stocking new EA titles or Mario Party 9.
Won’t be long until my town’s out of brick and mortar shops for this sort of thing.

Fuck Tesco I buy enough shit from them as it is. It’s all about

So they are purposely trying to go out of business? I’m from the US so I’m not sure what their business strategy could possibly be…but not stocking the 2 biggest releases for the week, SFxT and Mass Effect 3 seems incredibly stupid. Then again rumor has it GameStop is buying them out…not sure why if they’re stupid enough to pull these kinds of moves.

Well shit, I’m glad I saw this thread now I can order from

Who wants to pay £45.99 for SF x T anyway

anyone know where i can get an early copy of this in london? pm me please or just tell the whole thread i really dont care.

cheers in advance.

wow, thanks for posting this! im going to confirm this tommorow for myself 0-o
if they really do stop selling sfxt then i’ll probably order from shopto

It’s not a strategy. They can’t negotiate the deals with publishers because of the condition they’re in.

I would suggest you all go else where cause I used to work for them. I am waiting for my special edition from shopto. I got my new fight pad already just need the game.

GAME already went out of business in Australia, they didn’t last long.

Really when that happen? I best get down to my store and spend my trade in credit fast.

Okay, I was mislead, they haven’t gone out of business here. I jumped the gun, because all of the GAME outlets I’ve seen closed down. They shut down all their Brisbane operations, now they’re out in the fringe areas as far as QLD goes. Still a fair few in Sydney and Melbourne by the looks of it.

Makes me glad I changed my SE pre-order from Gamestation to Amazon now. Just texted a couple of friends this news, though, as they were still expecting to recieve them from Gamestation. Hope they can still find SEs…

lol I used to work for Gamestation. They be lucky if they find any SEs around…

I’m a bit pissed off that GAME’s on its way out really. Wouldn’t buy anything new there in a million years but they were good for a browse and occational bargain when Mrs BirdLives was off shopping for shoes or belts or tampons or whatever.

I’m getting this from an independent shop either tomorrow or Thursday though. Always get new stuff from indie stores.

To the guy above somewhere who was thinking this is a strategy, it’s not. They are completely screwed financially. Stock purchases are done on credit, and GAME have no credit left, and banks won’t give them any more, so companies aren’t giving them any stock because they won’t get paid back.
I’m pretty OK with seeing them go, they overcharge ridiculous amounts on new and used stuff, wanting you to pay like £39 for a used title is a damn joke.
Oh and if any of you have pre-ordered from there and have already paid, I feel for you. They aren’t giving refunds, but store credit instead, yay!

I’d love to* - but using the ‘nearest’ (40 miles away) indie store would, after petrol costs or p&p charges, be so much more expensive that, frankly, I can live with the guilt. Although I’d probably have it by now. Hmm, maybe I made the wrong choice…

*Although, TBH, I think this is the first game I’ll have bought on release day since ‘Panzer Dragoon Saga’…

Urgh , this is the only store that sells games near me