Game Trader Ranking Battles for 3S/others (Beaverton, OR)

Hey all - I recently started a Ranking Battle system for 3rd Strike and it might be incorporated for other games as well. Here’s how it works:

1: There are currently 2 tiers of players (10 in each tier). They are Pro and Amateur.

2: All players are pre-ranked in both categories. I’m considering a 3rd tier (Beginner) to accomodate more players.

3: A player can challenge any other player to exchange ranks. Example - Amateur #1 challenges Pro #3, if Amateur #1 beats Pro #3, they exchange spots. I might consider limiting players to be able to challenge another player 5 ranks above his/her own rank. Matches are played best 2 out of 3, 3/5 rounds per game. Players will coin flip for preferred side.

4: All listed players are expected to play some games during a 2 week period. If a player is inactive, he/she is either put at the bottom of the Amateur/Beginner list and has to work their way up again.

5: Players must accept all challenges. The challenger has to pay for the higher ranked player’s 1st game (25 cents) unless both players agree to pay for their own games.

The higher ranked player has the right to decline matches if he/she has beaten the lower ranked player at least 3 times in the same day or has other commitments.

Any matches that are unfinished will be played at a later date or can be reset between the 2 players.

6: I think the list should be updated once (or twice) a week.

This system has been created to generate more interest in 3S and other fighting games.

Any input is appreciated!

Game Trader (Inside Cedar Hills Crossing)
3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503) 641-5511

PS. Try out Five Guys Burgers ad Fries today!

i’d like the cab’s sticks to be repaired.
that is all.


Agreed. Player 2 side is a bit off.

and also, ray has to play blindfolded.


might be interested. I feel like my skills have been waning in all games, so depending on what you play Id probably be down.

Wait…did…did you say FIVE GUYS??? HOLY SHIT you just made me the happiest guy in the world (HELLA no homo). I thought I’d never see that ever again unless I went back to VA. I’m definitely gonna try to make it to one of these. Mainly for the beastly food. Haha.

Five Guys! Burgers and Fries! And Hot Dogs too! No homo.

I only recommend their Burgers & Fries (of course).

Heart Attack Dogs are unbockable!

hmmmm I dont know my way around OR yet since I just moved here I live in beaverton though…I wonder how far this is from me

also Im a little confused…is there more info Im missing? When are the events being held, etc.

Id so be down for this =)

yeah i noticed those ranking’s and the first list was kind of flawed i don’t know if you made the listing or dan did but i believe it should be

1 Ray
2 Mackinzie
3 Tajiri
4 Bobbi
5 Ryan
6 sean
7 kevin
8 x
9 x
0 x

The events aren’t set (yet). On almost any given day, there’s usually several players that are listed in the Pro/Amateur boards.

The main problem is that the mall closes at 9pm.

Personally, I can make it on Monday thru Thursdays from 11am to 3pm. But I could also make a trip on my days off as well.

Saturday looks to be a good day for weeklies?

I made part of the list. Only regular players will be allowed on the list. Just show up, beat a few ranked guys and get on the list. Ryan wants the 2nd place spot, haha.

We’ll see more accuracy in rankings when everyone shows up more regualarly.

this place sounds like a game store…is it an arcade or a store or what?

just go stop asking so many questions!



Best sentence I heard from ray ever!

Hmm, this is intriguing.

What is the actual location of this place?

Im better then both of you and A.J.

it’s true.

on a positive note, i don’t wake-up super as much.