Game that you are not good at are shit

why that?, scrub use to hate games like marvel and others games just because they are not good at it, and they always came out with the same excuses, glitches blah blah blah, i mean be realist you are not good, theres no reason to hate on it.

why that?

Seriously. Did we need ANOTHER thread complaining about people complaining?

Why that?

Just get over it people. Move on.

close thread

Marvel sucks cuz of infinites…I dont care how “hard” they are…still ghey !
I refuse to play a game where my opponent can rape my characters with infinite BS(I.E ironman,mag,etc) ! :tdown:

theres no excuse cause you can choose the same character and then do the same to your opponent.

You know, a lot of people (mostly Tekken fanboys) here (and many other places) diss DOA for no good reason, saying how simple it is and what not (always flaming the female characters of coarse), but the real reason I think they do it is because they suck at it, which is funny because it’s not that hard of a game to learn… Heh, anyway, I wouldn’t say the VS series sucks, it can jsut be extremely cheap at times (most of the time).

its alway the same, they suck at the game and the game isn’t funny then.

And is that suppose to be fun?

No character deserves an infinite in any game.

close thread before this degenerates into the inevitable moronic “MARVEL SUCKS!” “NO IT DOESN’T!” flamewar because nobody here can deal with the fact that people can like different things

Scrub call cheap me pick char good happy fun no!
Why that?


Is that a joke from someone with Yun in their avatar…remember Genei Jin?

jajajajaja so true, btw silliewhatever marvel infinites are not so infinites at all, cause the character used to get free after some specific hit, so your argument is stupid.

What the hell are you talking about? What is so cheap about it? The game is hated on because it’s boring. I mean, there isn’t even real competition for it. How can you be angry about sucking at it when noone even plays it seriously?

I never said I sucked at it… I said Tekken fanboys usually diss it because they suck at it.

No. People diss it because it really does suck.

The Magneto infinite and the Iron Man infinite are not truly infinites. At around 45 or so hits the opponent will spin out, and by hit 12 you are only doing 1 point on damage anyways. The ‘infinites’ in marvel are generally not 1 touch and you’re dead. The exception to this would be the IM one, since he can link it to a PC and you’ll probably die.

Genei Jin is also not an infinite. It’s pretty much just a CC, and CC’s end after a while - like the Marvel infinites. [With the exception of the Hulk infinite, something I have never seen before]

Just end the thread. People are going to hate on games regardless, so what? It doesn’t affect you in any way, so there is little point to making a thread about it.

It doesn’t suck, It’s not as deep as Tekken, Soul Calibur or Virtua Fighter, but since when did a game have to be complex to be fun?

A Yun fan arguing that infinites should not be in any game is comical regardless. A good Yun will activate 2+ times in a round, and there goes most of your life. Likewise with a connected infinite set up or two. That’s all I meant.

people have there own taste so oh well

but bitching about what games has infinites and whos cheap in it,just proofs how much of a scrub that person is to everyone

so if you not good at marvel and its to cheap for you,got to the intro screen listen at that last part when the annoucer says “new age of heros” so if you cant deal with the lastest ages of heros in this marvel series,go to xmen vs streetfighter or whatever,then blam everyone is happy

THE END :party:

You don’t make any fucking sense. It has no depth and no competition, but people hate it because they suck at it? The game is not good enough for people to suck in.