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Black Wii Bundle (Complete & Boxed)
Component cables.
Black 250GB WD Passport External HDD (With cute stand that makes it look like a Mini-Wii. The HDD isn’t full, but it ain’t empty either, if you know what I mean. winkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwink**wink)
$210 Shipped. [SOLD]
Excellent condition, as it’s brand spankin’ new.

Black PSP3K.
8GB Memory Card
Big ugly case.
FFT:WotL, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, GTA: LSC, Splinter Cell Essentials.
[No longer for sale.]
Scratch/ding above the “S” on the back. Other than that, great condition.

Black DS Lite (Complete & Boxed)
Cyclo DS Evo. (& Box. 4GB MicroSD)
EZ Flash V
KH: 358/2 Days
Chrono Trigger

Now shipping to lower 48.

PM or Post.

free bump. If you sell the wii by itself, let me know as well along with the cyclo ^^

Black everything. Intense.


Will do.

Check this out.


Yes, SIR Mr. Donut sir!

How Much for the Cat eating corn?

I’ll trade for a Korg SV1, though legends say if you leave a fresh cobb of corn on your doorstep under the light of a new moon, he will come.

Found my 8GB Pro Duo and added it to the list. Still $100 for the PSP3K bundle.

EDIT: Also, I was asked via PM if the hard drive comes with the Wii. Yes, it’s $200 for the Wii bundle (Wiimote/Motion+/Chuck/Shitty sports game) and the hard drive.

PSP bundle sold.

SRK doesn’t allow strikethrough anymore?

interested in DS lite bundle

let me get back to you ASAP

I’ll allow it.

Willing to ship to the lower 48. Wii is on hold. No extra fee for DS
Whatsup lovepig?

Forgot that I also have component cables for the Wii. I’m adding them to the bundle at no extra charge.

Currently two people in the tentative sale list for the Wii.

Terribly annoying. PSP was not purchased by someone who I thought I could trust. So, it’s up for sale again.

Also, there is only one person in line for the Wii now, but they are not responding to my PM’s. If I see they log in again and choose not to respond, the Wii will be up for grabs again.

I’m still interested in the cyclo

DS Bundle has been traded.

So nobody is interested in purchasing the Wii and PSP bundles?

If not sold by midnight PST they’re no longer for sale.

Dang missed out on the DS. Free bump!!

Wii is on hold, and will likely be sold.

PSP is still for sale, and will now be shipped without snakes in the box. So if you’re gonna buy, now is the time.

hmm does that psp have "special " capabilities ?