Game of Mafia Champions 4 Spectator Thread

Synonym & Missing Person have been chosen to represent Shoryuken in the off-site “Game of Mafia Champions 4”! This thread will be closed when the game starts and I will create a Loser’s Lounge to discuss the game as it happens. Please explicitly post if you want in the LL

Final Vote Tally:[details=Spoiler]
Synonym (19) - DukeC, Hecatom, GodotsRevenge, Blindknagg, ForgeDigger X3, Exodus. X3, Skizzz X2, The Chief, pietastic, Missing Person, DarkGeneral, RadicalFuzz X3
Missing Person (17) - Aidebit X3, 3rdSTRikeLOVE X3, Manx X3, Icege, DarkGeneral, Synonym X2, AlphaCommando X3, Synonym
RadicalFuzz (15) - Vynce X3, GodotsRevenge, Pimp Willy X3, Skizzz, The Chief, pietastic, Missing Person, DarkGeneral, SoVi3t, DukeC x2
Pimp Willy (13) - SoVi3t X2, Blindknagg X2, Co-Jones X3, Synonym X2, The Chief, pietastic, Missing Person, Icege
The Chief (3) - GodotsRevenge, orochizoolander, Icege
DarkGeneral (3) - Combo_Knight X3
Augustus (1) - Hecatom[/details]

I second the all-star voting process. 3 votes for anybody who has participated in a mafia game, person with the most votes wins?


My Vote is for you.

I would personally vote @Synonym‌, or @RadicalFuzz‌

@"Black Jesus"‌ git chobichass in here.

@The Chief?

Those are my 3 votes.

*That’s not how you spell @Synonym‌

I really do appreciate the vote though! I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for yet. *

And again, before all those votes start pouring in, I’m out B). I’d rather cheer on our champion than lose for SRK. Fake modesty aside, I barely have enough room on my plate for on-site games.

DarkGeneral has been forcibly removed from the running due to the forum’s lack of italics

So everyone wants to publicly vote, nobody has a better idea?

True but if Synoym goes, he’s not gonna get a mafia role. I feel like his mafia game is compreised of evils far greater than his bytch persona.

And if he can’t aquire a maf role then I don’t want him to be amongst the other losing odds.

@SWBeta‌ (Since it is a different forum maybe he will survive night 1)

Lynch Send: Synonym (unofficial)

Gonna wait to hear from him if he wants to go. If Doctor Australian Terror wants to go then he definitely has my vote.

I’m gonna wait before putting up my votes.

I’m voting for Synonym as well if he wants to go.

I vote Synonym, The Chief, and Ben Perkins.

I think Ben Perkins will represent us most realistically.

If Synonym wants it (and if the game will work with his aussie schedule) he’s gonna be my main vote.

Otherwise if not I’m gonna wait and see if I can steal the spot by voting 3 times for myself!

Dammit Godots, he specifically said no troll reps :lol:

He’s not a troll. He’s Mag-fucking-neto.

I vote Oerba. Then he can go there and be quiet all game long :stuck_out_tongue:

but for realz, I would send either The Chief (is he Black Jesus?), Pimp Willy, or Kaz.

Okay, enough of this, time to begin the shameless self-promtion. I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t vote for someone else, but rather, why you should vote for me.

The game is going to take place on a different site with players that haven’t interacted before. There’s also going to be a higher Mafia ratio than what we’re used to. That near perfectly replicates the conditions of my first game where I pulled Mafia, the reason that I’m lynched if people are iffy about my allegiance. These other players have gotten to the top by reading well and pushing well. I can debate someone into the ground and, as Pimp can attest to, I can be very difficult to read. My classes are almost done with now, they’ll be completely done by the 8th of May, meaning I’ll have all day to read over the thread. This setup is perfect for me. In my first game of Mafia I pulled off a huge comeback without having any prior experience. Imagine what I could do with a dozen games under my belt.