"Game of Death" - The Forest Law Thread

Few different things from Marshal, no DSS
4,3,2 (binds)
ws3 mid kick, and some other stuff.

More to come!

Seemed appropriate to use another BL reference in the thread



Somewhat incomplete list of differences between Marshall and Forest

-b1,2,1 launches on CH, if delayed does not confirm even on CH, last hit has a decent knockback on block but still relatively unsafe, big damage combo starter
-3+2 Run up grab places Forest behind his opponent rather than to the side like Marshall’s
-You can “feint” most of his attacks from his left kick by holding back during moves by doing ff3~b b3+4~b 343~b, he will do start the kick but then cancel it, technically unsafe, can’t be canceled into anything (they should make this his DSS)
-3,4,3 is Shaolin Spin Kicks into Legend Kick (Marshall’s DSS f3)
-Forest’s Legend Kick startsup slower because he does a slight run before kicking.
-WS 3 is a safe, wallsplat mid kick
-d2,3 crushes highs and launches on CH, taggable
-Nothing from punch parry is guranteed? (Need confirmation)
-Has taunts
-3,4,2 is Shaolin Spin Kicks into what is essentially Marshall’s DSS 2/Dragon Hammer, when launched you have to delay the 2 slightly to confirm bind (the 2 is a bound move) if the 2 hits alone on CH it is a launcher
-Marshall and Forest’s new move, f3+4, is safe and Forest’s version is easier to combo off of on CH due to d2,3
-Overall Forest does more damage to compensate for the lack of DSS, b,1,2,1 once confirmed allows for big damage combos.

IMO who’s better? its preference really, Forest is more like an easier Marshall since you don’t have to worry about doing DSS cancels, but this limits his options in some departments, but since DSS lost it’s auto-parry from T6, DSS isn’t as great as it used to be. Forest also does more damage in general to compensate for it, but Marshall thanks to DSS can probably still reach the same damage and his combos are more flexible due to DSS cancels. If you gave Forest DSS he may have been better than Marshall definitely.

Here’s some Forest solo combos

CH b1,2,1 -> 4,u3, -> ff4,3 (bind), dash cancel -> 3,4,3 - 115dmg

CH d2,3 -> 3+4 -> b22 -> ff1,2,3 80 dmg (need to check)

CH 3,4,2 (delay the 2) -> ff 1,2,3 65 dmg

What are Forest Law’s best TA fillers?

Double Somersaults (uf4,3) <- probably the best one for general use because of how high it launches them and damage, but it does kind of place them far away after it finishes.
d1,3 (might be d1,4 i forget, his high crush strong low punch into kick)
f2,2,1+2 (for wallsplat)
1,2,3 (for wallsplat)
uf3,4 (jump kick into somersault NOT a jump then cancel into a kick)

Round Enders
d/f1,3,2,2 (First four parts of a 10 hit string)
DFS (Dragon Fake Step AKA Punch parry) 3
f2+3 (run up throw)