Game of Death 2010- D.F., Mexico: 6/19/2010:Japanese KOF 2002 player Danke in Mexico!

This is a tournament in the very heart of Mexico for KOF that like JuareZ WarZone will feature a Japanese KOF player. Japanese KOF player Danke will be present in Mexico City for this particular tournament, and we are trying to turn this into an opportunity for those around Mexico City to come play the Japanese player and see how they fare!

Location: More than likely Luis Cha’s house


KOF 2002: $10 USD or 100 pesos entry
KOFXI: $5 entry
KOF 98: $5 entry
KOF 98UM: $5 entry
KOF 2002 UM: $5 entry
KOFXII: $5 entry

Danke is a 2002 player only, but due to the fact that we are in Mexico City this is a good opportunity to play some players from down South. I will record all interviews, as many matches as I can and post them all on youtube.

We are also trying to curtail all the drama from JuareZ WarZone by installing a Sanwa or Seimistu stick + buttons on the 2002 cab just for him so we do not have any excuses whatever the results may be of this particular tournament.

Stay tuned!


There will also be a Live Stream for this event- As soon as I have it I will post it in this position.

**EDIT: **

As of right now:

  1. Danke is in Mexico City warming up for the KOF 2002 tournament.
  2. We have installed a sanwa (per his request) + buttons for him so no excuses win, lose or draw ala the Bata situation
  3. There is going to be a live feed and I will link you all to the webpage as soon as I can.

The guy with the live stream kept everyone waiting so long everyone just said forget it, from what I hear Kula is at the tournament and they have started, Luis Cha is recording everything with his camera once I get possession of it I will upload it to my youtube account.