Game freezing glitch

Stumbled across this last night and am sober enough to post it now. :wgrin:

Megaman and V. Joe - When Megaman has very low health (enough that V. Joe’s assist will kill him). Shoot megaman’s machinegun arm attachment (6B), assist, machine gun super. When the bomb blows up Megaman will die and then stand back up. The next character will NOT come onto the screen. Megaman is more like a ghost you cannot hit him or touch him or do anything. He also cannot move, tag, baroque, or anything. I reinacted this a couple times to make sure it was consistant and it definetly is. Not sure if this happens with other characters blowing up instead of megaman I haven’t played with it enough. Just wanted to let you all know that this is out there.

Damn, they just did not playtest Joe at all.

V. Joe is now pretty much the Sonic of Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

This is kinda sad. If they keep finding glitches like these then he might be barred from play because of his Risks.

Or…allow him but tell the users that if they freeze the game either by accident or on purpose they auto-lose the match. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah I wouldn’t say ban, just a freeze or a glitch runaway win is an automatic lose.

Same situation except if your doing machine gun super with megaman and doronjo’s minions blow you up it will freeze. and this is actually a very likely situation. I think it’s megaman that is broke.

Excuse me? I didn’t quite hear you right, good sir. Please repeat that so that I may pick the correct retort.

Fixed? :wonder:

Try again. Good try though.

Better? :sweat:

Much better.


^I’m sorry but that one wins…

Why do you think that I put it in my signature?

if this happens in tournament it will be autolose for who?
joes bomb has to explode during the super right? so does that mean that megaman would have to take the loss, since he sees the bomb and then does the super to do the glitch.

or what if Player2 avoids megamans super by getting behind him, then sends out joe to activate the glitch during it.
would Player2 (joe) be penalized?

If megaman dies to an explosion effect he will stand back up and stand there as a ghost and there is nothing either player can do except watch the clock run down.

Examples of this is: V. Joe’s assist blows up Megaman while super is going. and also a much more practical example of this is Megaman does his super and Doronjo blows him up with one of her minions.

Since you have to wait out the time limit whoever has the most amount of health at the end of time will win.

well since megaman died, the person who killed him should win, but if someone does it on purpose you can obviously tell.

Well what are the chances that it’ll happen in the first place?

I would say very high possibility vs Doronjo cuz of her runaway tactics. I tend to eat random pineapple explosions when I fight her… It all depends really I just wanted to get this bug out there so hopefully it gets fixed if they ever patch the game or make a sequel.

well this is what happens when you dont throughly test a game, although i can see how this one got away.

More info please? I can not recreate this for the life of me. The set-up you’ve suggested causes the bomb to blow up after the super ends and all other attempts to blow him up during it have failed…