Game Daily Top 25 Most Bizarre Fighting Characters

okay thoughts…all I’m wondering is why is I-no on that list and faust and/or zappa isn’t?

because as always they dont know of what they’re talking :shake:

Wtf why is there a fucking car?

-They don’t know why Oro uses one arm.
-Shun Di is on that list too.
-I-no is there because of fanservice.

How the hell are there more Tekken characters than Guilty Gear or Darkstalkers?

Dan looks pretty normal to me.

Because no one except the hardcore knows shit about fighting games in America. They just know about Madden and FPS.

Honestly, Faust, Blanka (i forget if he was on there), and Zappa shouldve been. Gill too for being naked and two-toned or Urien at least for being steel (every time he blocks you can tell)

dont forget zato, akatsuki tank, bb hood, guma shorath, the alien of snk vs capcom chaos, and many others that im forgeting right now

I don’t think Game Daily cares about Doujin games because Blitztank would easily be in the top 10.

Half of those don’t deserve to be on that list. LMAO @ Shaq though, hilarious :rofl:.

-Tha Hindu

to tell the truth…I actually do agree with shaq being no.1…you can’t get more bizarre than that

What a shitty list. The descriptions made it even worst.

why the hell isn’t Orchamaro from Samurai Showdown 6 isn’t number 1.

I just saw Tron Bonne snatch…:sweat:

I get the feeling that they didn’t want to put too many characters from one game on the list, or else shit like Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and Tattoo Assassins would have dominated for sure.

Still, I’m a little puzzled over some of the representatives?

I-No is the strangest character of Guilty Gear? Well…she’s not normal, but she’s pretty tame by GG oddity standards.

Likewise, there are way more weird characters from SamSho than Earthquake (strangely enough) and the grandmas are not even close to being the weirdest from the Power Instinct series.
If they put Shaq in, they could put Bobby Ologun in there too.

Mars People needed to be on that list.

Eh list isnt bad. The descriptions are obviously shitty. But the list for the most part is ok, just inconsistent in some parts (like Dan being so high and shit).