Gambit in High-Tier play

I like Gambit, but I don’t think he does well in professional play/tournaments.

I am currently using a team of Gambit/Cyke/Tron.

I thought about including Morrigan or Commando instead. I like using Gambit, but I can’t really use him competitively unless its an online Low-Tier tournament.

JWong uses Gambit/Cyke/Morrigan but he can do the insane Cyke infinites… which I couldn’t even f’ing grasp or begin at how to do.

I use to know a guy who played Cambit/Cable/capcom
He used to do some insane crossups with cambit/capcom, and cable was ther to flush out the meter he got. It was really cool actually, try that is semi pro…i guess.