Galactic Empire ClevelanD: Midwest thread titles are f-ing sad

The other one is about done. I’m pretty proud that it takes us longer than like two weeks to get to 1,000.


In Cle you can find someone with some skill in pretty much whatever: SFIV, 3s, Marvel, Tekken, BB, SF:HD, CvS2, SvC (wtf), MK2, UMK3, Wrestlefest, NBA Jam, etc. Arcades are dead here so post up if you want to meet up for a Fight Night.

Only took about ~7 months =)

Chris maybe you should start a player guide in your first post like some of the other OH threads. It would help out newer guys and hopefully draw them out. It makes me sad that our “scene” really only consists of about 5-8 guys literally.

Don’t eva stop don’t eva quit don’t eva don’t eva don’t eva eva…

Don’t evah take - your - love - from - me

GGs tonight.

I was kind of still planning on going to that PA tourney on Sunday, but it doesn’t really seem like anyone is going from that thread. And the tourney organizer was just gonna run 3s on HDTVs through HDMI and/or over a laptop :frowning: Dunno about this, maybe we should duck it if we’re just going to be playing each other. Not sure there will be enough 3s players there to cover gas $$

uh, hi. Might as well introduce myself in here.

Kamui (Eric)
GG mostly, but I’ll play SFIV and vanilla ST (HDR sucks).

Mainly looking out for anyone that might want to play or possibly get into Guilty. Manny’s starting to get serious with it, but with him that makes for a grand total of 3 people playing it seriously in all of the Cleve area (Funkdoc, Manny, and me). I’d love to see a couple more possibly join in on the fun.

I’ll try and make a few gatherings if I can. EVO made me at least a bit hype to try and play IV a bit seriously.

Chris, I agree about the PA tourney. It’s been announced for how long, and it’s still only one page isn’t it?

Nice av the Dude is the man.

tekken next week. yep.

chris, it was good to meet you last night

Hey Eric – cool dude, hope to see you around here. I don’t know who plays GG besides Josh, but everyone is messing around with BB if you like that too. Let me know if/when you want to drop by

edit: on Midwest Fighters I favorited the Tomo interview from Evo – it’s pretty sweet. LEGEND

Harmon, we need to start playing more – maybe we can get some games in online tomorrow? I miss OG SF2

Yep, always down for HDr. Let me know when you wanna play.

Tomorrow I could probably play for awhile after work.

Kamui: A lot of people like ST better but HDR is the tourney game now for better or for worse :stuck_out_tongue: Personally I think it’s just as goofy as ST, just in different ways.

Nash: Do you have my other Marvel converter? If so I need it now, cos my MAS doesn’t work with the other one I have.

yeah i do i’ll bring it next time im out

The Justin vs. Daigo thread is beyond retarded: worth a read

“Wong’s Boxer sucks cos he missed headbutts”

“USA chants were mean!”



And another guy insisting that Daigo is overrated and wins cos of random DPs

ill be there next week :bgrin:

Yeah that thread is garbage along with most of the SFIV forum.

Hey, I’m going to make another college attempt at coming out now that Devastation work is completed and I actually have a decent Bison. Might take a week as I’ll need to get my work schedule adjusted for Monday’s. I’ll give you a buzz Ghaleon if I’m able to make it down.

Well since there’s a new thread, I might as well post something. I lurk in the matchmaking forums sometimes, but I almost never post cause I have no way of going to meet-ups/gatherings. Maybe things will change now that I’m 17 (as of yesterday :party:) and have some friends that got into fighting games due to SFIV.

sonicspear64 (Nonso though everybody calls me Mamtee, which is pronounced like Monty except with an “m”) :sweat:
Euclid (about 15-20 mins away from Cleveland and 30-45 mins away from Macedonia)
I’m focusing on SF4 and BB, but I play GG and know a bit of 3S along with other games.

Hopefully, I can make something happen in the next couple of months. I am going to SB4 for a fact though.

P.S.: For anyone who has had Bubble Tea, what does it taste like? I didn’t get any last time I went to Momo’s and I really wanna try some now. :rofl:

It tastes like delicious.

Subscribed to IGN insider – $15 is a steal for all those vids to DL.

Harmon, I think I can play online tonight some then. I’m not 100% sure though since those people are still staying with us, so if my room is occupied then I’m SOL for playing online. Rgh Ken needs some exercise.

Long day at work, pretty burned out for games. Hopefully tomorrow if you have time. That Ken has potential to be real scary tho, stick with it.