Gainesville Thread: Van was a d*** anyways

I made the new thread cuz i run this town.

The new era of Gainesville. Rob get your grill ready. You’re cookin for all of us.

You were waiting on this like a sniper, weren’t you? lol

Matt, I wouldn’t really have minded if you brought the 360 instead since I could get some KOF games in. Either way works though.

Matt, wasn’t there a number while we were in the lobby? I thought that was the connection status. As for checking ping, I figured just using the browser and going to or something would work.

Also, poor Van.

I can bring mine but once I leave for work, you guys will need to replace it writhing another console so there’s probably no point to that.

My brother has other plans and my friend Jon (wake up ultra guy) has school in the daytime so it’ll just be me going.

he could just bring the hard drive cuz bringing 2 consoles would be a lot. and how come ur avatar isnt the full .gif

also matt u just got cockblocked. ah3 disconfirmed for evo

Only 5 games?? Fuck that.
Not that KOFXIII had much of a chance though… :frowning:

I knew it wasn’t gunna be at Evo…two reasons. One, now that they have taken away voting for Evo games, basically any game without a U.S release has no shot at being picked. Two, even if it did have a U.S release, the way Examu made the game look with all the sidebars and relationship points thing it was going to be hard to make that shit appeal to the average fighting game fan.

Oh shit, I didn’t even see a number while we were playing. All I saw number-wise was our wins and loses.

Since the PS3 is already out in Rob’s living room we can just play AH3 there and then we’ll have the 360 in rob’s room.

I’m gonna stomp a mudhole in your ass Petey, you ungrateful bastard =P

Oh wow, a decent, alcohol-free rebuttal from Van. XD
lol jk

A couple things:

Suck it Petey. I rarely cook for myself. There’s no chance in hell I’m cooking for your ungrateful ass.

Right now both the ps3 and 360 are set up in the living room. How many people are playing AH3 and how many are playing something that can be played on an xbox (sf4, hdr, kof, mvc2)? I’d really like to put the more popular game in the living room and everyone else in the small room, since it can get kind of cramped.

im mashin dp on both games, but if ur tv lags at all i’d prefer ssf4 on the monitor…if theres a problem with cramping i could even bring a 3rd setup for the living room. also i am indeed free for saturday

im gonna miss the old thread…but i must say this one is starting off rather nicely

Hmm… interesting. Depending on when BBCS2 is released, I can imagine dropped combos and the same character everywhere for EVO…
Also, I will try playing both games.

Ok then we can have AH3 in Rob’s room on the PS3 and SSF4+whatever else in the living room on the 360. I’ll bring my PS3 so you don’t have to move yours Rob.

There hasn’t been a Gainesville thread since 2006. Is there enough of a scene there to maintain a thread?

Uh…you just closed down the Gainesville thread yesterday with over 1,000 posts. We’ve been using that thread for the past year and a half.

That post was directed to Petey since he’s the attention wh0re of Gainesville. Sorry for any confusion I’ve caused.

There has been an increase of activity here since ~summer of 2010 though, mainly because I come here too damn often (and petey doesn’t keep his trap shut). Plus, the Ocala and Tally players have no way of contacting us in real life/fb/phone so I think it’s reasonable to keep this thread.

Cool. If it starts to become a pain in the ass I’ll just suck it up and move mine. Let me know.

Petey: Right now there’s a CRT in the small room and I’m going to buy Van’s flat screen CRT so there shouldn’t be lag there. The guys from tally didn’t notice any lag on the living room tv but you can always just bring your ASUS just in case.

Bob: While I’m new to the scene my understanding is that it hasn’t been this big in quite some time. We’ve had people come in from Tallahassee recently to play us and followed our last thread and we’re bringing in players from Ocala. I get that you don’t want to flood matchmaking forums with crap threads but I don’t see the harm in keeping us around.

we could always go back to the unofficial but classic “Gainesville players, where are you?” thread title if necessary, but i personally love this thread title. besides i think we’ve got a decent number of people in the north florida area that are interested in what’s happening in gville. its your call tho

Just noticed the thread title…what a blow up.

Shouldn’t expect any less from Petey. :lol: