Gaems vanguard pge

So I haven’t seen this on the forum before but I pre ordered one of GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment setup and am very interested in how well it will work.

Now currently they are sold out on amazon but if any of you ordered one then you know about the whole shipping issue. But I am more interested in the face that you can use it for any gaming choice you have in mind.

One of the main reasons for getting one of them is because I want to bring it to tournaments and if they need another setup there is one available plus if I’m going to go to some house for either some local action or online action I don’t have to share a screen with anyone else.

Amazons page for this is at
And yes again they are sold out for now but tell me what you think and if I made a good investment or not.

So this is a Halo themed carry/storage container for a Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 slim, according to the Amazon page it also support a PS3 slim.
It just happen to have a built in screen. TSA friendly, I find this hard to swallow but okay (I take what I read on the internet with a gran of salt).

I do see some issues travailing with this overseas, as ether retards or terrorist are going to confuse UNCS with the US Military.

For Domestic travel I think this is not bad of a device, as for the price? A little high for a normal stand alone monitor but for this set up its reasonable.

Someone here in tech talk already had a post for the non-HALO version. I don’t remember what they wrote :frowning:

Well as far as I know this is the newest model that their releasing and this one has a 19" screen with.
Now subtracting the halo aspects, what I really wanted was the case and the screen.
And also learned that ordering is still open just on a delay but if interested and wanting a limited release item go for it.