(GA Thread) We punch fools in the FACE!


Oh hi.

We’ve been going through threads awful quick; that’s GA for ya.


omfg SF4 is best game eva :tup:

MetalROUND 1 results:
1st: JasonL
2nd: Nato
3rd: Eddy
4th: DAH
5th: Metalmike
5th: Derek
7th: WantonX
7th: Iceman


It’s like I’m addicted to 7th place (past 4 SF4 Tournaments same placing)

Metalmike I got your PM, do me a favor, send me the links to those posts in those… you know, and I will compile a compulation:bluu:


this guy…


metalround? expain please

change to “The GA Thread: We Still Swag Surfin” jk…




MetalROUND is the hypest event in northeast Atlanta!

hello atl family, long time no talk. How’s the rape party?

wantonx, we still doin that ‘transaction’ tmo @ waba?

lol, someone’s saltier than Mickey D’s fries, son

Why, yes.
Yes, it is.

I told you to call it Metal Madness foo! lol :crybaby: Anyway Metal Round 1 was full of interesting conversations to say the least, lols :chat:

Oh yeah check this old SF3 NG gamest mook shit out OMG! http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6672263&postcount=318

I made top 8! Congrats to all the players! GGs to all I played, I learned a lot, as always, and had a great time.

Wanton, your anecdotes are beastly.

So yeah, is anyone going to Waba tomorrow?

I just saw Star Trek, and it was AMAZING.

Tech Romancer, level up your trolling skills, they’re pretty low at the moment.

ggs lobelia, keep practicing :smiley:
anyone else wanna train up a bit on VF5?
pop it in the 360!

Lobellia is a total bitch. Seriously. He negged repped me for a comment I made like 4 months ago. That’s some sorry ass faggot shit right there. Lobellia, go fuck yourself.