GA Thread: Rise of the Fallen has begun!

The New Ga Fighting Game Season has begun.
The very first Monthly Tournament was held Jan.15th 2011 @ the G.W.C.C.
Congratulations to the following:

SSF4 Winner:Black White Boy
BBCS Winner:Skeletal Minion
Tekken 6 Winner: National Champion ATL Hoa aka Anakin
Melty Blood Winner:Solid Play
Smash Brothers Brawl:Skat
CvS2 Winner: Tournament Organizer Pokchop
MvC2 Winner: Tournament Organizer Pokchop
Money Match of the Month Honors: Pokchop Defeating Rishuno Menji in MvC2 for $50.00 1st to 7, with a possible run back at Final Round 14
Anger Management Needed honors: MPR aka Delphiki something or other lol for pulling an ATL Gootecks on his stick and G.W.C.C. Tables


K.i.T. Tournament:
Feb. 5th 2011
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV (XBOX360)
Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift (XBOX360)
Venue Fee:

LordIceman is in talks with Negro Justice & Jio on finalizing a team exhibition (with pot) to help gain more interest,boost the numbers and expand the depth of competition in the entire south.

Savannah Bi-Weeklies:
Hosted by Savannah’s own Alvien
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

Columbus GA Ranbats:
Hosted By Columbus Ga Native Alternate275
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

ATL Revival Monthlies:
Feb 26th 2011
"Calm before the Storm"
Hosted By Pokchop,Magnicious & Lord-Iceman/Cool-Breeze
The Last Monthly before the weather changes and new combatants come to infiltrate our blessed land

Atlantic South Majors
Final Round 14

You should know the info on your own major and if you don’t…
You are sad, click the link above,Shinblanka has updated news posted in the thread.
Final Round, one of many chances for the State of Georgia to showcase there skills in there favorite games.
Thanks to Shinblanka and his EMS Crew blessing the community with yet another installment of the FR Fighting Game Genre

Impact Clash VI: Rise of the Fallen

The 6th Installment and 2nd Major of the Ga fighting Game Community.
This year promises to bring much more hype,prizes and fun.

Sept 17th & 18th
Atlanta Hilton Northeast (770) 447-4747
5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Norcross, GA 30092

The Augusta Super Battles:
Hosted by Augusta’s own Druseph.
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

GA’s Tension Pulse:

Hosted By Columbus Ga Native Alternate275

Free Tension Pulse Poster:

Nov.19th 2001
1:00 PM (GMT-5:00 Eastern US & Canada)
New Location in the works ladies/Gentlemen
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

Video packages to look forward too:
The Mind of "Deadly Rave Neo"
The History of K.i.T. featuring: Jio,Kodeevu,Lil’Majin & FlyMikeSims
East Point:"Put up or Shut up Ranking Wars"
BranH v.s. LordIceman:the "Battle that never began"
ATL Tekken: "Nexus"
The Final Round Doc:"The History of Final Round"

Everyone please take advantage of the gatherings being hosted all over the State of Georgia.
Get your training on and "Never enter battle without your powers at the ready"

Updated Weekly & Monthly Gatherings will be posted here as well just contact me so I can place them here!!! :woot:
Local Gatherings in the State of Georgia:**
Georgia Tech
Christopher W. Klaus Advanced Computing Building
266 Ferst Drive; Atlanta, GA, 30332
Room # TBD (Usually 1447)

Time: 8pm till 3am, pm FunkyP for his contact information if you need more details

Battle & Brew Bi-Weeklies (Under Construction)

Only the Strong Survive: East Point Weeklies

Finally we are up and running folks.
The Impact Crew is very happy to bring you yet another exciting season of fighting game mayhem. The results have been finalized from Ga’s 1st tournament of the 2011 season and boy was it an eye opener.


Fresh new talent on hand,surprising match out comes, new top#10 finishes, shocking appearances, new prizes and so much more I am too amp’d to continue typing about it all.

This Thread on it’s 1st page will be hosting up-to-date results on the State of Georgia’s Tournament Points & Rankings System until we gain full permission from the mods of the Atlantic South Division to create a separate thread.
Ga Points Information:**
The Points system is in its 2nd year and 3rd stage in regards to Ga’s Fighting Game Community, we are very happy to have the help and support of tournament organizers in the state of Ga as well as our sister/brother states in the south.
We are looking forward to one of the biggest fighting game seasons we’ve ever had in the south, we look forward to growing and putting the south back on the map where it belongs.

Points will be given for practically anything we can think of lol.
We want to make this as fun and enjoyable for anyone who attends tournaments in the state of Ga and we hope to expand this idea across the south.
Now some restrictions apply and they will be posted here below but do not let the word restrictions detour you from reading further and understanding fully.

Points will be given just for entering the door (after paid entry of course)
Points will be given for your placement in all tournaments on hand,Additional points will be given for top#3 placement, bonus points will be given at random throughout the tournament season.
EXAMPLE: Finish 1st place, 5 consecutive times at ATL Revival Monthlies or Savannah Bi-Weeklies and receive a bonus 100 points plus a monthly issued prize

Points distribution:
Points for Ga Tournament Attendance: 10
Points for Monthly Tournament Placements: 1st 64 / 2nd 50 /3rd 35
Points for Attending Major Tournaments in/oustide the State of Georgia: 200
Points for Major Tournament Placements: 1st 1000/ 2nd 550 / 3rd 225
Lack of Attendance Points: -10 (Every 2 tournaments)

The points are very easy to gain and the Impact Staff will be working diligently on adding and modifying things to simplify the system (if it isn’t already) Don’t worry,the points you acquire will not be taken away during the modifications if they occur.
Please keep in mind, the Points count towards multiple surprises throughout the season in addition to the Rankings System.
If you do not attend tournaments for long periods of time your points will decline by -10 points for every two tournaments you miss your points will begin to decline,once you reach 0, you will basically be starting over.
Points for Tournaments are set by “Average” attendance numbers.
**EXAMPLE:**If the game you enter has large numbers, the average 1st 2nd 3rd points standard will double according to those numbers
Points cannot be traded or sold.
What you do with your prizes,prize money etc-etc is your decision/business but please, do not make any deals exchanges at or on the premises of the events that are under this system.
You do not have to be a resident of Ga to qualify for the points system, attendance is strongly encouraged from all Atlantic South competitors.

Tournaments Under this Points System:
The Atlanta Revival (Monthly) Hosts:Magnicious/Pokchop/LordIceman-Cool-Breeze
Atlanta’s Impact Clash (Major) Hosts:Magnicious/Pokchop/LordIceman-Cool-Breeze
Atlantic South Divisions Final Round (Major) Hosts:Shinblanka & E.M.S.
Augusta’s Super Battle (Major) Hosts:Druseph/CoosCoos
Savannah Ga’s (Bi-Weeklies) Hosts:Alvien
Columbus Ranbats (Under Construction) Hosts:Alternate
Tennessee’s Kumite K.i.T. (Major) Hosts:JiO/Kodeevu
Alabama B’Ham Monthlies (Monthly) Hosts:Raekwon187
Alabama Crisis (Under Construction) Hosts:LordIceman/Raekwon187/MysticBlack

Hey, I’m going to start holding biweekly tournaments at Battle and Brew in Marietta. I wanted to see who all is interested and what time on thursday night would be best for everyone.

I’m in Marietta every thursday night, however battle and brew… seriously… i dunno bout that lol

And heres the info for the Friday gatherings for the new thread

Georgia Tech
Christopher W. Klaus Advanced Computing Building
266 Ferst Drive; Atlanta, GA, 30332
Room # TBD (Usually 1447)

Time: 8pm till 3am, pm me for my number if you need more details

They aren’t suppose to be big tournaments or anything like that. They have 4 tvs there at least that are in good condition and i’m sure no one would be against more tournaments in general. The buy in is looking to be $5 and no door fee. Pot split will probably be 60/30/10 and I believe there will be other small prizes for top spots.

good idea

the problem with bi-weeklies is they tend to flirt with monthly attendance depending on the hosting area.
also setting up good dates that do not effect the people so much or tournament organizers

we always have to keep in mind the ultimate goal here in ga overall else

Hahaha I wanna see this.

This time tomorrow Alvien and I should be around East Point.

EDIT: I feel like playing some random CvS 2 while I’m up there. Who has it and wants to get down?

That sounds better than other impressions I’ve had of B&B, It’d work out for me. But the Cobb county side of this state sure is scarce on players.

I am down for CvS2 and 3rd Strike, I may even hop on MvC2.
Tekken always a MUST and shinkuur we need too play in tekken, we never do, or ssf4

A video biography of Branh? Wow, the villian of GA sure does get some publicity.

(Going to repost this just incase anyone missed it in the previous thread.)


We’ll be hosting this at our usual spot in good ol Homer, GA next Saturday the 29th. Chris will be posting up a time soon since it’s well…his house:arazz:

I promised cake and god damn there’s gonna be cake. I will personally be making the cake that will be to die for (not literally I hope). This is also an excuse to obviously play the fuck out of SSF4, Tekken, and Marty’s favorites such as Alpha 2&3.

ANYONE who is interested are completely welcome to attend. Just post up or send a pm to either my brother (iggywhite) or myself and let us know.

:party: SHIT’S GOING DOWN :party:

Villain? Didn’t know that. My impression had been more of a nuisance. But I don’t KNOW the guy, so…meh. If there is a state villain, it’d probably be best if they were good enough to pose a threat to (or be a part of) GA’s top tier, but annoying enough that no one wants to loose to him, so they level up.

And Black Dolemite? I thought Dolemite was already black.

I support this.:tup:God knows i need to play alot more. Marietta isnt too far…

add me to the list!! How much tequila do I bring??:rofl:

…no seriously??

Salt and I will be going to GA tech. see you there.

Very good OP Iceman, I like the organization of it! :tup:

Just for a correction, the match between Zach and Ricky was first to 10 for $50. The score was 10-8 I believe. And there will not be a biography of me about “who I really am?” Since I doubt there will be very accurate information, since you don’t know anything about me. I would prefer things to not be full of lies and wild fabrications of partially accurate data. Which is what a “who is he really?” from someone who don’t even know me is likely to be.

So why don’t you feel comfortable,sitting down and actually releasing this information??

I’ll modify the money match info, thanks for the edit information

I can ask any question you ask me. But no one ever asked me any questions. There isn’t much in my life I’m ashamed of. But I don’t like people taking liberty to disclose info about me, when I don’t even know them on a personal level. A better person to do a biography on is BlackWhiteBoi, who has a pretty interesting gaming background. A lot of people are starting to just know him from his recent victory, but I’ve known him for a few months (not too personally, but I had seen him around). I am pretty much a weekend only gamer, talk a little crap, put whatever effort there in a tournament, and return to my regular life during the week. not worth the scope of a biography.

Im glad you finally said that so everyone can now IGNORE YOU like i’ve suggested the past 3 years!!!

really wtf is wrong with you man? u act like Iceman is gonna put you on blast or some shit. All he’s asking for is an interview…plain and simple. why? cuz peeps in the scene kno you and it a way for the community to know each other. even after ALL the bullshit, he’s still willing to to this.

hes gonna ask you things like:
why you like fighting games?
what or who got you into the scene?
what games you play competitively?
why you so sorry??(LOL…im kidding)
shit like that.

if you cant answer THAT, you got some issues son.

BBUUUUUTTTT, i do agree:

BlackWhiteBoi interview NOW!!!

one of the Q’s should be:

yo did i miss a marvel 2 money match? are you FUCKING SERIOUS

fuck i hate being sick. i still have never played that chun player fuckkkkkkkkkk i wanna play him before the game gets run over by marvel 3

Its cool bro, no biggie or sweat off my back.

It was suggested to me that I gave BranH a chance to explain his side, why the antics over the years, his competitive drive or lack there of but I told multiple people, he’s a joke, less then a joke, you saw the stunt he pulled at revival holding up the losers bracket claiming he was in need of a stick yet… I reviewed video from the Impact View (the camcorder) and he was talking to magnicious while ATLBatman was recording, about that very stick and had no issues.

I personally think hee is a n attention whore, I wasn’t really interested in doing this “For him” but for the people who would like to BranH as a player/competitor because some people actually think this turd is entertaining (Anotak)

But that’s my fault for setting aside my personal feelings and my 1st intuition.

So now it will be a series of videos and it has been modified up above!!