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New thread, same old same old.:wink:

one more week till ICIV.

hey ur tiger onslaught
like everyone was waiting for u in east point to play ur sagat
whats happen to u

I won’t be attending Impact Clash. I need to take a hiatus from fighting games for a while. It’s just not…feeling as rewarding as it used to.

Me attending Impact clash is riding entirely on the fact if i can hitch a ride with friends. That’s all I need, and I’m in.

Really want to make it; this may be my last tourney in GA, so I want to make it a good memory.

First page, woooo! Suck it.

[quote=“MSP_Lover, post:3, topic:62335”]

hey ur tiger onslaught
like everyone was waiting for u in east point to play ur sagat
whats happen to u[

i wouldn’t be to hasty on playing my sagat bro. you will get a sample of what im going to do at waba this sunday. well till then im smoking, schooling, and practicing.

oh and i will be accepting money matches at waba so bring the loot with ya.[ especially cool-breeze]

oh thats fine i wasnt the one who wanted to play u.

oh i know who wanted it. ill see him this sunday.

From the last thread:

I want to put a heavy emphasis on the just starting part I was talking about earlier. I seriously know nothing about this game. What I’m worried about now is learning and memorizing the basics of the game. After that I’ll start to form a team and learn the characters independently.
My first concern is getting that damn stick here since any game is impossible to play on a dreamcast pad…

Yeah your name got brought up when i went to EP. You have a rep for having a man-beast Sagat. So people wanted to play you. Hell go to waba and MM everyone that doubts you. Lol!

Hey you gonna be on psn tonight? i haven’t gotten a chance to play you yet.

I think I’m gonna fade away into nothingness for a while. I can’t really do the whole fighting games thing right now. Too much to think about.
See you guys whenever.

Yeah ill be on later tonight.

what the hell? u ok?:

I’m fine. I just need a break. Shit’s starting to frustrate me.

I think Lobellia may be a bit of an ao attention whore.

Ernesto, Joel, Ray, MPR or whomever else. Yes, I am down for some ST Guile action. I think the idea of a round robin mini tournament would be great to see who is the best Guile in the state. If we can get something like that poppin at Impact Clash, that would be great. Keep me posted

I was gonna return your shit with more shit, but honestly, I don’t think it’s right to fight fire with fire. I really don’t think it’s right of you to pin baseless accusations on me, especially considering that you have no idea what the motives are behind the statement that I made. Of all of the people who frequent this thread, you really should know more than most that talking random shit doesn’t mull over particularly well, but you seem to be very intent on either insulting people, spreading false rumors, or boasting of your supremacy without backing up your words with action.

when did u go? r u going to be at waba this sunday?