G4C looking to Sponsor a MK fighter for MLG Dallas Nov. 2nd-4th!

Hey guys we at G4C are looking to help a gamer at MLG Dallas which is right around the corner. Nov. 2nd-4th in fact.


  1. Entry fee/cost
  2. Hotel covered
  3. Transportation

Details on event here: http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/competitions/48

Fill out our sponsorship form: http://www.gamers4christ.org/sponsorship/
Make sure you agree to follow the G4C “Code of Honor”: http://www.gamers4christ.org/the-code/

See our recent interview with BossTV: [media=youtube]VYFBVmsL0GQ[/media]

Time is short on this offer since it is so close. Get it filled out quick or let your buddies know that would like to attend this event…

God Bless & Good Luck,
Bradley Young
twitter: Gamers4Christ
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