G4 coverage?

anyone ask G4 to cover evo like techtv did on b5

None of G4’s competitions seem serious. Maybe I haven’t seen them all but Evo would be a great segment. However, they should cover the whole tourney not just have a lil blurb. Evo could easily be made into a half an hour show. The finals, alone, could.

I don’t have too much faith in G4. They don’t seem any different than most game mags that are certainly designed to sell products. Evo would be like REAL gaming journalism. I don’t know if they would have that.


i pretty much agree with APOC, G4 is all about the PC, and FPS, they really could care less about Fighting games, the only console stuff they really show is FPS related " aka halo " or fucking cheat codes:bluu: :confused: :lame:

Didn’t G4 and TechTV unite now or something like that? Well it’s true what everyone else already posted. Since they just want to sell out like all game mags have pretty much. Later.


It really pisses me off that these things aren’t covered by tv that is “for gamers, by gamers.” As a gamer, I like hearing about events that I could potentially enjoy, fighting games or not. I absolutely HATE MMO’s, but I would be quite interested to hear about an event that they could have held in the past. That kind of stuff is interesting to me! And dead serious, if this shit was covered in detail on something like G4 or another channel, the fighting scene would probably double in size within two years or so. I myself joined the community because I saw the Evo 2k2 DVD. I’m sure it would work on a television show.

No MthaFcking doubt about it.

Wth is their problem? Well, if they ever do cover it, cover it for real. None of this 5 minute nonsense.


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it more, evo is PERFECT for ESPN2. They really starve for programming in the summer, they play just about everything there. Case in point, this year alone I’ve seen the national spelling bee and a hot dog eating competition, not to mention they’ve covered MTG. Has anyone approached them about it ever, like seriously approached them? If not, this year is obviously too late, but I will do my best to see what I can do next year. I think I can explain our situation pretty well and also relate in a business sense. Of course the Cannon’s could shoot me down before I even tried, but whatever…:smiley:

looks like G4 were at evo. Cant wait to see what they covered…

i believe one of the things they covered was tekken 5. -.-

g4 was there and i saw them interview wong and ricky ortiz

GSN was there Thursday, interviewing people in line to register. You sure you mean G4 and not GSN?

look out for my interview with G4…Its a different view from behind the scenes. I hear it airs in 2 weeks.


can someone capture and upload it? i’m not from the US =/

and I don’t get that, this would be something that a lot of srk would want to see.

Yeah and I made a real ass of myself, but before alex valle told us not too.

I second that