G-Boobie 4 SAIL Thread: Arcade Stick Edition (Namco, DC Green Goblin, AIAB, etc.) Price Reduction

2/2/2012: “Sorry, Valaris!” Edition: Prices reduced on the AIAB Stick and Dreamcast sticks. Get 'em while they’re hot, folks.

So here’s the thing: I have WAY too many arcade sticks, and I just bought (another) super custom job that works on everything, which means I now have 2 arcade sticks that work on everything. The girlfriend is less than amused by this. Therefore, I’m selling a bunch of sticks off the shelf that I no longer need.

Prices include shipping via U.S. Postal Service. Insurance is extra: PM for quotes. I accept Paypal (gift please!) Prices quoted are for U.S. only: I’ll ship internationally, but that’ll drive the price up, and would require the buyer to pay for insurance. PM with questions.

If the listed price is too high, I’m open to offers, but understand that low ballers will be ignored like the sub-human animals they are. PM me with questions.

Oh yeah, for feedback, you can find me on Ebay as “Geoffvdl”.

1.) 2 PS3 Madcatz Tournament Edition “S” sticks. $95.00 each (BOTH SOLD!)

These sticks are completely stock and have less than three hours played each. Boxes are included.

2.) 2 Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Sticks. $55.00 each (BOTH SOLD)

These work perfectly. I have extra (stock) buttons, which I’ll include free on request. These do not include their original boxes.

3.) Arcade In A Box Dual-modded Custom Stick. $220.00

This is a custom built beast of a stick. It works on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The joystick is a japanese Sanwa, and the buttons are Happ (american arcade style). Includes 6 black replacement buttons, micro switches and a button wrench (you know: for replacing your buttons). Arcade In A Box no longer manufactures these, which is a pity: they’re great sticks.

4.) Xbox 360 Madcatz Tournament Edition fight stick. $90.00 (SOLD)

Includes new Sanwa joystick and Sanwa buttons. The face plate will need the label replaced. Or not! G-Boobie is a Hell of a name, and everyone loves Dr. Thompson! No box on this one.

5.) Namco PS1 Arcade Stick. $70.00 (SOLD)

This stick is excellent. Very clean, buttons and stick are flawless. It comes without a box, but with all my love. Works on PS2 as well.

Will vouch for G-boobie being a hella legit guy. Buy with confidence.


I am interested in one of those agetecs. Have they been modded, or are they just stock? Either way, I’m interested.

Just stock. I’ll throw in a couple of (also stock) replacement buttons, too.



Ittems marked SOLD are, in fact, SOLD. These items have also shipped.

Price reduced on the Agetec sticks and AIAB dual modded stick. Remember: If you think the price is too high on something, PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Sent a PM about the Madcatz stick

Paypal payment sent for the Madcatz stick…can’t wait for it to arrive.

If only that TE S was for Xbox 360 :frowning:

Got the namco stick today. The tvc box with the message had me busting up. Thanks again

Would you be willing to work out a deal for both those Agetecs?

I would probably be willing to work something out, Cerebral Vortex. Hit me up with a PM.

I sent you a PM on the Agetecs. If anything does not work out let me know thanks.

Paypal sent for the Agetecs! Can’t wait man! Thanks again!

G- Boobie? Uhh…hello?

All sticks have shipped, and all buyers have received tracking numbers.

Only the AIAB left now: get it!

Thank you good sir.

Hey G-Boobie, I just received the stick today. I’m slightly disappointed though. I noticed a discoloration on the top right corner of the stick. It looks as if the plexiglass cover was peeled back. I thought this stick had less than 3 hours of play on it. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about